Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Young Scientists

Today, East Coventry Elementary fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who elected to do so, participated in the Science Research Competition. These young scientists took on a variety of dilemmas and applied the scientific method to explore and problem solve.

Along with esteemed area scientists, six students from the high school also participated in judging the projects and interviewing the contestants. Annie Arditi, Troy Wagner, Sam Diehl, Zeb Smith, Liam Kowalski, and Allisan Hawk were students on the East Coventry panel. Other high school students are volunteering at upcoming science fairs. The criteria gives elementary students many opportunities to earn points on their projects in nine categories including the research design, data collection and data analysis.

NJROTC Annual Inspection 2020

Inspecting Officer LTC Albert Flood (USA Ret) conducted the area manager inspection at Owen J. Roberts High School  today, January 15, 2020. The unit is under the direction of Sgt. Major Larry Perez USMC (Ret) and Capt. Craig Armstrong USNR (Ret).

In addition to the Armed Trick Drill Team Demonstration (video above), student cadets performed March-on Colors, National Anthem, Invocation, and Pass-in-Review. Inspecting Officer LTC Flood charged cadets to build on the firm traditions set by upperclassmen, to set an example always, and to work to build up the unit. "The Future is going to come fast," he said, "Who will be part of it?"

District Superintendent Dr. Susan Lloyd expressed her great pride in the program and in all the students who have come so far on their school journey. Dr. Sean Earley, Assistant Principal, mentioned that in his 23rd year he has always been and is still "impressed by the opportunities this program offers our students."

Many cadets received awards. The three students completing the most community service hours thus far this year have already performed a collective 246 hours!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Elective Parade

High school students demonstrate and answer questions about art programs at the high school
Today, more than 450 students in grade eight visited the high school to learn more about some of the elective courses available to grade nine students. In the next weeks, grade eight students will work with high school students to select courses for their freshman year. There were twelve stations set up featuring art, agriculture, family & consumer science, technology, business, NJROTC, physical education and music electives. In addition to many students who take electives, the Wildcat Ambassadors helped direct Middle School students and offer hospitality.
A bulletin board in the high school reminds that elective courses often have career ties...

In addition to learning about programs, the exposure to the high school and to high school students helps students feel more comfortable about the upcoming transition of schools.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Guard the Cookie Jar

Guard the Cookie Jar was just one of the games that Dr. Hinson (also known as Doctor Recess) taught the students at French Creek Elementary School on January 7, 2020. Dr. Recess has provided programming to all five Owen J. Roberts Elementary Schools, often sponsored by parent organizations. The recent program at French Creek Elementary was funded through a generous grant by the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation.

Students took what they learned in the assembly and played the games at recess

Students are able to collaborate and have fun with simple games
“The Dr. Recess Assembly & Playground Games program is an on-site assembly and games program that promotes the importance of being active and living a healthy life by using developmentally appropriate games to teach social/emotional skills, thinking skills, and motor skills to elementary school children. It was created by award-winning teacher and author, Curt Hinson, Ph.D., as part of the Trouble-free Playground program. Dr. Hinson’s Trouble-free Playground program is currently being implemented at schools in all 50 states. The Dr. Recess Assembly & Playground Games program allows schools to improve the health and fitness levels of children by teaching them appropriate games and activities to play during recess.

Curt Hinson, Ph.D., has been teaching for over 32 years. He is the author of three books, Fitness for Children; Games Kids Should Play at Recess; and 6-Steps to a Trouble-free Playground. In addition, he has published over 50 articles related to teaching.”

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Winter Wildcat Cheer

When students, staff and visitors enter the east entrance art wing doors to the high school, they are greeted with a cheerful Wildcat ornament hanging from the ceiling. The ornament was donated by alumnus Kirk Brown. Mr. Brown used to enjoy decorating the halls as a student according to Ms. Peg McGinnis, and continues to give back to the school. 

Mr. Brown, who has stayed involved with Owen J. Roberts School District by starting an Excellence in Horticulture scholarship, reached out to Horticulture teacher, Ms. McGinnis, with the idea to brighten the hallway and bring cheer to students. He had the ornament decoration custom made and donated it to the school. Mr. Brown was honored by the Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation in 2018 with the Distinguished Alumni Award and his generosity continues to be commended.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Thirty-one Advance to State DECA Competition

Owen J. Roberts DECA had another successful district competition yesterday, December 17, 2019.  330 competitors from private and public schools from the region solved complex marketing case studies and presented the solutions to local business professionals who acted as judges.  The top case study solutions in each event will move on to the state competition in February.  Congratulations to all the DECA students.

Students placing at the conference and moving on to the state competition:

Jake Weston, 1st place in Automotive Services Marketing
Annie Arditi, 1st place in Business Financial Services
Sean Zubey, 1st place in Business Services Marketing
Kira St. Clair, 1st place in Entrepreneurship (Individual Series)
Blake Brennan, 1st place in Food Marketing Series
Lindsay Jennings, 1st place in Hotel Lodging Management
Mary Kate Duffy, 1st place in Restaurant and Food Service Management
Victoria Blancarte, 1st place in Retail Merchandising Series
Joey Kish and Reilly Koitzsch, 1st place in Financial Services Team
Maddi Koury and Theo Damiani, 1st place in Business Law and Ethics Team
Shavani Preveen and Ava Distefano, 1st place in Entrepreneurship Team
JP Duffy, 2nd place in Business Financial Services
Liam Sanders, 2nd place in Food Marketing Series
Lauren McLaughlin and Kendall Obara, 2nd place in Business Law and Ethics Team
Raina Smolij and Kahlea Sachar, 2nd place in Sports and Entertainment Team
Noah Gonzalez and Griffin Schanz, 2nd place in Travel and Tourism Team
Cole Smith, 3rd place in Human Resource Management
Jake Koster and Eric Scull, 3rd place in Financial Services Team
Alekya Srininvasan, 4th place in Hotel Lodging Management
Jeevan Bandi, 4th place in Marketing Communication Series
Josh Messinger and Jared Eichler, 4th place in Buying and Merchandising Team
Nikita Chin, 5th place in Apparel and Accessories Marketing
Andrew LaGreca, 5th place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing