Tuesday, July 28, 2020

TCHS Supports First Responders During COVID-19 Pandemic

Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) donated and distributed masks, gowns, gloves and cleaning supplies to the Chester County Department of Emergency Services, Chester County Hospital and the Malvern Fire Company.

The Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) is committed to supporting all
members of the communities that it serves, including those in the Owen J. Roberts School
District. This spring, TCHS rallied to support first responders in their fight against coronavirus
(COVID-19). To help front-line healthcare professionals protect themselves against COVID-19,
TCHS donated and distributed masks, gowns, gloves and cleaning supplies to the Chester
County Department of Emergency Services, Chester County Hospital and the Malvern Fire
TCHS instructor Charles Sanders, who teaches both the Electromechanical Engineering Technology and the Precision CNC Machining programs at TCHS Pickering Campus, is virtually working with his students to create ear savers for front-line healthcare professionals using 3D printing.

In addition to donating personal protective equipment, TCHS Pickering Campus instructor
Charles Sanders, who teaches both the Electromechanical Engineering Technology and the
Precision CNC Machining programs, found a way to give back while helping his students
continue their education by supporting first responders and healthcare professionals.
An issue many first responders and healthcare professionals are experiencing is the discomfort of face mask straps. In response, Sanders decided to convert space in his home to utilize an Ender 3 Pro 3D printer to construct “ear savers,” which is a plastic band that attaches to face masks and loops around the back of the neck to relieve pressure on the ears. In addition, Sanders has been using a programmable laser cutter to produce masks, which he has been donating, along with the ear savers, to first responders and healthcare professionals.
Sanders has been and will continue to work with his students, including those from Owen J.
Roberts High School, to find ways to make the process more efficient. “Students in both my
engineering and CNC machining programs spend time learning about 3D printing. This was an
opportunity for me to show them how knowledge can be used to help people and make a
difference, especially during uncertain times when innovation and creativity are essential,” said

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Virtual Math

by Mr. Dennis Fletcher

Learning mathematics never stops!  Even when the weather gets warm!  This summer, the OJR Summer Enrichment Math Program moved to an online format.  Over forty students are devoting time this summer to further grow as mathematicians.  Students study mathematical topics in PreAlgebra, Geometry, and PreCalculus.  The coursework is intended to deepen their understanding of mathematics and provide a foundation for success in future math courses.  

OJR was unsure if we would be able to offer these courses due to the school closures.  However, just as they did with instruction throughout the spring, OJR Math teachers were quickly able to adapt and adjust the format of our typical summer math offerings. Through the use of Canvas and Google Classroom our students are able to access course content in one location.  Students in the program are attending live sessions, watching instructional videos, and working independently to further their mathematical knowledge.  During live sessions students are able to ask questions and get feedback from instructors.  More importantly, they also get the chance to interact with classmates, which is an essential element in any classroom. Giving our students this opportunity is an important step towards designing an ideal online mathematics classroom.  

Over the last several months OJR teachers have had the chance to develop their virtual instructional strategies.  The summer math program is an opportunity for not only our students to get access to learning new math skills but also our teachers to continue growing as educators.  One thing is for sure, the temperature outside is not stopping these young mathematicians from expanding their horizons! 

Learn More About Owen J. Roberts Instructional Coaches

Throughout the second half of the 2019-2020 school year, there were almost daily changes and interruptions to the "normal" school year. The success of our students has been and continues to be our top priority. To achieve these goals during a typical school year can be challenging, to say the least; however, during the pandemic, these challenges became exponentially harder to achieve, and the district's instructional coaches were instrumental in assisting teachers, administrators, and most importantly the students that we serve.

Whether initiated from the bottom-up or the top-down, any effort to help our teachers and para-educators align their practice with the best evidence is going to succeed or fail on the strength of its implementation. Teachers and para-educators need to understand the "why" behind the evidence-based practice to implement it effectively, no matter if it is in a virtual or live setting. Our academic supervisors and instructional coaches are directly responsible for ensuring teacher understanding of instructional material.

One of the best techniques our instructional coaches utilize with staff is to consistently work with each staff member and administrator to ensure there is continuity to the curriculum's implementation across grade levels. The power of our instructional coaching comes from the individual relationships they have with each stakeholder. Additionally, it illustrates the power of social learning, the importance of active learning, the willingness of teachers to adapt their approach, and the incredible impact on real outcomes from a peer-to-peer approach. All of this applies to implement evidence-based practices in each of our buildings.

Renowned surgeon and public-health researcher, Dr. Atul Gawande, stated, "To create new norms, you have to understand people's existing norms and barriers to change. You have to understand what's getting in their way. So what about just working with healthcare workers, one by one, to do just that?" Granted, Dr. Gawande discussed various attempts to change medical practice and save lives in poor, low-tech parts of the world. The premise was to instill the best medical practices by working individually with nurses and doctors until new norms developed. The same concepts apply to our district instructional coaches.

Our coaches are highly effective educators—both students and fellow teachers. Helping their colleagues improve their craft takes a high degree of social and emotional skill, technical expertise, and patience. They use coaching that is tied to specific, high-quality curricula to help students achieve.

We know that the 2020-2021 school year will prove to be anything but "normal," but as a district, we are better positioned to be effective because of our investment in instructional coaching. Student success is our focus, and that success is grounded in sound instructional practices. As a district, we are looking forward to any of the challenges that we will face and know that our instructional coaches will be a massive part of our continued success.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Pathways to Reopening Schools this Fall 2020

Due to current regulations resulting from the pandemic, our plans for the reopening of school, Fall 2020, include several scenarios. If possible or allowed, our first choice is for students to return to school in-person for a full school week (traditional model). New health guidelines alert us to the fact that we need to be flexible, patient, and ready with another plan. It is possible that we will need to reopen schools with a blended approach. In order to meet capacity regulations, cohorts of students would rotate into school for face-to-face learning 2 days-per-week while other students learned remotely, and then switch. No students would be in the buildings on Wednesdays. Find out more about the blended approach on the District website and plan to attend one of the virtual presentations listed there. 

OJR Cyber Academy

No matter what, in-person learning will not feel like the right choice for some families this fall. OJR Cyber Academy will provide flexible learning opportunities to ensure your child’s success. Owen J. Roberts continually ranks among Pennsylvania’s top performing schools and for parents who choose OJR Cyber Academy, students will stay on track with our K-12 proven curriculum which is aligned to PA Core Standards. The OJR Cyber Academy will be taught by Owen J. Roberts teachers. Families can expect the needs of their students to be met with supports available. This option offers a lot of flexibility. Please attend one of our virtual presentations about the OJR Cyber Academy. There are unique sessions for Elementary, Middle and High School, as the structure is different at each level.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Class of 2020 Destinations

Superintendent Lloyd delivers a student's cap & gown
The Class of 2020 will pursue many paths next year including military service, career, mission work, and college. Below is a list of colleges, universities and military branches 2020 Owen J. Roberts graduates plan to attend (as reported by students in May 2018). Given the impacts of Covid-19, we know that some students will be starting college virtually, and others may opt to take a gap year, or defer attendance. As a community, we can be proud of these young people for rising

to the challenges that have already occurred along their life path. 

First Name Last Name College/University/Military Branch
ELYSE ACOSTA Messiah College
CHRISTINA AGRESTA Coastal Carolina University
TIA ALAN Ursinus College
RYAN ALDERMAN Delaware Valley University
SALADIN ALKASMI Pennsylvania State University
CLARA ALLEM West Chester University
TREVOR AMAN Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MOLLY AMBROSIO Randolph-Macon College
ELIZABETH AMSTUTZ University of Pittsburgh
CHRISTIAN ANGELILLI Montgomery County Community College
RYAN ANGELO Montgomery County Community College
ARIANNA ARDITI University of Pennsylvania
RACHEL ARP University of Arizona
OSCAR BALAN Drexel University
JEEVAN BANDI Indiana University of Pennsylvania
DYLAN BAUER Pennsylvania State University
JENNIFER BEATTY Montgomery County Community College
ASHLEY BEITEL Pennsylvania State University
DANIEL BENASUTTI West Chester University
CONRAD BENFORD Pennsylvania State University
ROBERT BERNOTAS University of Pittsburgh
TRAVIS BERRY Montgomery County Community College
LEYA BICKELL Temple University
PAIGE BIEDRONSKI Pennsylvania State University
CHARLES BLACKLEDGE University of Pittsburgh
GARRETT BLAND Pennsylvania State University
AUSTIN BOAMAN Ursinus College
ANNA BOCHANSKI Syracuse University
ANGELINA BOETTGER West Chester University
SOPHIA BONO Roger Williams University
CONOR BOOTH Boston College
SETH BRADLEY Penn College of Technology
DELANEY BRANDON Drexel University
MADELINE BRAUN Lehigh University
EMILEE BROCKNER University of South Carolina
CHRISTIAN BROFFT Boston University
EMILY BROFFT West Chester University
AARON BROOKS University of New Haven
JOHN BUCKWALTER Pennsylvania State University
AIDEN BUDD Montgomery county community college
BENJAMIN BULICH Bloomsburg University
ETHAN BURNHEIMER West Chester University
ETHAN BURNS University of Pennsylvania
RORY CAHILL Indiana University of Pennsylvania
SARAH CAHOE Millersville University
JASMINE CAIRNS Stevens Institute of Technology
CONNOR CAMP Montgomery county community college
RILEY CANAN Millersville University
CONNOR CANIGLIA Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
JAMES CAPECE Pennsylvania State University
JULIANA CAPECE Temple University
SAMANTHA CAREY West Chester University
HALEY CARGO Savannah college of art and design
ALEXIS CARR Ursinus College
NICHOLAS CARUSO Pennsylvania College of Technology
EMELIE CASEY West Chester University
JORDYN CHAMBERS Temple University
JIMMY CHEN Pennsylvania State University
JENNY CHEN Thomas Jefferson University East Fall Campus
NIKITA CHIN West Chester University
MARISA CHINICI Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
ANDREW CHRISTOFOROU Pennsylvania State University
HANNAH CLAY University of Lynchburg
JILLIAN CONTI Rochester Institute of Technology
JACKSON CONTI The University of Scranton
ERIN COOPER Delaware County Community College
CAMRYN COOPER University of Pittsburgh
AUGUSTUS CORONITI Pennsylvania State University
SEAN CRYSLER University of Oregon
MATTHEW CUCINOTTA Montgomery County Community College
HAILEY DAMBROSIO Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
THEODORE DAMIANI University of Pennsylvania-The Wharton School
CASSANDRA DAMON West Chester University
GWEN DASCHER Montgomery County Community College
SHEA DAVIES Montgomery County Community College
CHRISTIAN DAVIS Pennsylvania State University
JOCEPHYNE DAVIS Point Park University
CHRISTIAN DEANNA Temple University
ALISON DEDE Shenandoah University
SAMUEL DEFUSCO Quinnipiac University
HANNAH DELAHAYE Towson University
FRANCIS DELLAPENNA Pennsylvania State University
THOMAS DEMPSEY St. Joseph's University
NICHOLAS DENARDO West Chester University
AVA DESTEFANO Temple University
KATELYN DHUY University of Findlay
SAMUEL DIEHL Auburn University
ALYSSA DILULLO Montgomery County Community College
SEAN DINAN The University of the Arts
BRAYDEN DLUHY Montgomery County Community College
ALYSSA DOBRISCHKIN West Chester University
MAXIMILIAN DONAHUE Gwynedd Mercy College
JOHN-PATRICK DUFFY University of Central Florida
JACOB DUNLEAVY Pennsylvania State University
RYAN DUSKE Temple University
LUCAS ECHIKSON Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
TEAGHAN EDLEMAN Pennsylvania State University
ELIZABETH ELSMORE Monmouth University
DEVYN ENGLE Pennsylvania State University
KATHERINE ERB Meredith College
KEITH ESTERLY West Chester University
SIERRA EVERETT California University of Pennsylvania
BRANDON FARKOUH West Chester University
JANE FARNHAM University of Delaware
MOLLY FEDICK University of Pittsburgh
CLAIRE FELTENBERGER Savannah College of Art Design
VINCENT FENNELL Lock Haven University
SOPHIA FERRIZZI Florida Institute of Technology
BLAYZE FISHER Pennsylvania State University
NATHAN FISHER Temple University
TRINITY FLORES Pennsylvania State University
ANASTASIA FOKIN Virginia Commonwealth University
DAVID FORREST DeSales University
TRENT FRANCESCO Bloomsburg University
GAVIN FREDERICK Montgomery County Community College
DELANEY FREDERICK University of Delaware
MCKINLEY FREES University of Tennessee Knoxville
MADELINE FRIEL James Madison University
DANIEL FRISK Pennsylvania State University
JESSICA GADEBUSCH Immaculata University
JACOB GALLAGHER Coastal Carolina University
NATHAN GALLO West Chester University
AMBAR GAUTAM University of Pittsburgh
ETHAN GAWLIK Pennsylvania State University
JACKSON GELTING University of Pittsburgh
KATIE GERBER Bloomsburg University
GRACE GERMAN Bloomsburg University
GRACE GIRARD Temple University
CHLOE GOLAS West Chester University
MCKENNA GOLDSTEIN Millersville University
VICTORIA GRACE West Chester University
BROOKE GREENAWALD West Chester University
NOAH GREENSPAN Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
LOGAN GREGORY University of Delaware
COLE GROSSER Ohio University
UDAYKIRAN GUDIPUDI University of Central Florida
MICHAELA GUERRERO Gettysburg College
MELISSA HAHN Montgomery county community college
JAMES HALLMAN Shippensburg University
GRACE HALSEY West Chester University
ALEXANDER HANNA Coastal Carolina University
JONATHAN HANNEVIG Lebanon Valley College
RYLIE HANNIS Pennsylvania State University
ABIGAIL HANNIS Point Park University
ALLISON HAWK Pennsylvania State University
MATILDE HECKLER Berklee College of Music
SKYLAR HEGARTY University of North Carolina Charlotte
KARLIE HEINZ Delaware County Community College
MADISON HILL Desales University
WILLIAM HURLOCK Michigan State University
JORDAN IRVIN Montgomery County Community College
HANNAH JACHOWSKI university of new haven
JOSHUA JACKSON Shippensburg University
CAYDEN JARVIS Pennsylvania State University
JACKSON JENKINS Pennsylvania State University
LINDSEY JENNINGS John Jay College of Criminal Science or Hunter College
JUSTIN JORGENSEN Universal technical Institution of Exton
JACKSON KEATING Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
ANDREW KEFFER University of Delaware
TIMOTHY KELLER Slippery Rock University
DELANEY KENNEY Millersville University
BRIANNA KERLEY Pennsylvania State University
RYAN KILCULLEN University of North Carolina Wilmington
MICHAEL KILGALLON Misericordia University
JENNA KIRBY Miami University
EMMA KIRCHER Eastern university
NOAH KIRKBRIDE Pennsylvania College of Technology
KENNEDY KOLLAR Pennsylvania State University
HANNAH KOPEC Canisius College
Evan Kosowski Millersville University
MADELINE KOURY Mercer University
LIAM KOWALSKI University of Pittsburgh
SAMUEL KUHL Pennsylvania State University
OLIVIA LAFFERTY Moravian College and Army National Guard
ZACHARY LALOUP Thaddeus Stevens College of technology
JULIA LAMB Pennsylvania State University
EMILY LANE Delaware Valley University
MARLENA LANGDON Haverford College
COURTNEY LASKEY West Chester University
OLIVIA LECLAIRE Pennsylvania State University
NICHOLAS LEHMANN Drexel University
LILLIAN LEIGHTON Liberty University
CONNOR LEISTER University of South Carolina
DAVID LIGNORE West Chester University
ALEXIS LITTLE James Madison University
HALEY LIVINGSTON York College of Pennsylvania
MAXWELL LOUIS Pennsylvania State University
CHLOE LUPO West Chester University
CHARLEY LUSTIG Saint Mary's College
PETER LYNCH Pennsylvania State University
CARSON MACKEY Seton Hall University
LANE MAGNESS Messiah College
AIDAN MANCINI Temple University
RYAN MANEVAL Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
JOSEPH MANILI Pennsylvania State University
KRISTA MARINO Montgomery County Community College
LAURIN MARKLE Pennsylvania State University
SOPHIE MARKS Pennsylvania State University
ALYSSA MARSH Old Dominion University
ALLYSON MAUPAY West Chester University
CHRISTINA MCCUMBER West Chester University
MYLES MCDOUGAL Universal Technical Institute(UTI)
JACKLYN MCGEE Delaware Valley University
EMILY MCGONIGLE Immaculata University
MEGHAN MCGRATH Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MICHAEL MCGUIGAN Slippery Rock University
THOMAS MCLEAN Pennsylvania State University
JOHN MCMONIGLE Jefferson university
DELANEY MCNALLY High Point University
KENDALL MCNEFF Pennsylvania State University
SAMUEL MECK Bloomsburg University
ANTHONY MEDOVICH Pennsylvania State University
ISABELLA MEDOVICH Pennsylvania State University
CATHERINE MERKLEE University of North Carolina Charlotte
FRANK MIGNONA Eastern University
NICHOLAS MILEY Thaddeus Stevens
LILLIAN MINOR Hunter College
ISABELLA MOES Dickinson College
MARIA MONTELEONE Misericordia University
JOSEPH MONTESANO West Chester University
BRIANNA MOORE Alvernia University
ALEXIS MOORE Immaculata University
RILEY MORAN Pennsylvania State University
ANDREW MORRISEY The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
JORDAN MULFORD Louisiana State University
DYLAN MURRAY Drexel University
MEREDITH MUTTER Seton Hall University
KALEI NEEL Bloomsburg University
MIKAYLA NINESS West Chester University
JASON NOLD Alvernia University
CAPRI NORRIS Pennsylvania State University
PAIGE NOWAK Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
HALEY O'DONNELL University of Massachusetts Amherst
MELISSA ORR John Jay College of Criminal Justice
DANYLLE OTTENI Towson University
LOGAN PENNELLA West Chester University
ANTONIO PETRUCELLI University of Pittsburgh
OLIVIA PETTYJOHN Pennsylvania State University
MICHAEL PEZZILLO University of Pittsburgh
SHELBY PORTER Universal Technical Institute
SHIVANI PRAVEEN University of Pittsburgh
CONNOR QUINN Appalachian State University
HAILEY QUINN University of Pittsburgh
ABDUR RAFEA Montgomery County Community College
LOGAN REESE Baldwin Wallace University
MADY REINERT Montgomery County Community College
AVA RESNICK University of Tennessee
CARLY RESNICK University of Tennessee Knoxville
THOMAS REYNOLDS Pennsylvania State University
PAYTON RIDENOUR Montgomery County Community College
TRISTAN RITTENBAUGH West Chester University
VERONICA ROACH King University
SETH ROBINSON Montgomery County Community College
ANGELIE RODRIGUEZ Delaware County Community College
CAMRYN ROGERS University of Pittsburgh
HALEY ROLAND Academy of Art University
MICHAEL ROSKOS Montgomery County Community College
SHANE RULEY West Chester University
JACK RUOTOLO American University
NIDHI RUPANI Pennsylvania State University
KAYLA RYAN Montgomery County Community College
EMILY SABATINO University of Pittsburgh
REID SANDS Temple University
SAMUEL SAVAGE Pennsylvania State University
JACK SAVANT Playhouse West Philadelphia Acting School
RYAN SAWKA Saint Joseph's University
KURT SAYERS Valley Forge Military College & see email
PAYTON SCHAFFER University of Colorado Boulder
EMILY SCHALL Iowa State University
JACK SCHNELL Temple University
KARA SCHWENK West Chester University
ELLA SELVAGGIO Montgomery County Community College
ERIC SHANAHAN Pennsylvania State University
PHILLIP SHIFFLER West Chester University
ZACHARY SHINE Pennsylvania State University
GABRIELLE SHRADER Pennsylvania State University
SARAH SIEGELE West Chester University
BALDOMERO SILVA Pennsylvania College of Technology
ZEBULON SMITH University of Pittsburgh
COLE SMITH West Chester University
KELLY SMOLIK Gettysburg College
KATELYN SNIVELY Bloomsburg University
IAN SORDILLA Pennsylvania State University
JORDAN SPRANGER Syracuse University
ALEKYA SRINIVASAN Pennsylvania State University
KIRA ST.CLAIR Shippensburg University
PORTER STACKS East Stroudsburg University
GIANNA STALLETTI Benedictine College
KYLE STORTI La Salle University
ETHAN STUART Pennsylvania State University
KATRINA SUBICK The College of William & Mary
STACIA SUBICK University of Pittsburgh
DIMAS TADEO Delaware County Community College
SARAH TAMMANY The Culinary Arts Institute at MCCC
STEPHANIE TANAU Pennsylvania State University
SINCERE TAYLOR Thaddeus Stevens
JENNA TAYMAN Drexel University
MARISA TERWILLIGER University of Delaware
BRIELLE THOMPSON Appalachian State University
GARRETT THOMPSON West Chester University
KATHERINE THORPE Millersville University
RONNIESHA TIRUMALASETTY Pennsylvania State University
JULIE TOGNUCCI Villanova University
ROBERT TRANTER Temple University
ZACHARY TRIMBUR Montgomery County Community College
SAMUEL TURLEY University of the Arts
EMMA VENANZI University of Pittsburgh
TROY WAGNER Pennsylvania State University
ZACARY WEAVER Lehigh Carbon Community College
AVA WEBER Montgomery County Community College
LILY WEISS Bloomsburg University
SAMUEL WILLIS Delaware County Community College
ANYA WINEMILLER Pennsylvania State University
SPENCER WINGET Pennsylvania State University
MADISON WISEN Duquesne University
ALEX WITHERS Millersville University
DEREK WITTLINGER Susquehanna University
FELICIA WOLFER Drexel University
ANIYA WRIGHT Lincoln University of PA
ADELE ZEIBER Reading Area Community College
GAVIN ZORN Trine University
SEAN ZUBEY University of Pittsburgh
TALIA ZUCH University of Delaware

Below is a list sorted by institution. It can be interesting to look at this format to get a sense of the number of students attending a certain college, institution or military branch. 

First NameLast NameCollege/University/Military Branch
HALEYROLANDAcademy of Art University
BRIANNAMOOREAlvernia University
JASONNOLDAlvernia University
JACKRUOTOLOAmerican University
CONNORQUINNAppalachian State University
BRIELLETHOMPSONAppalachian State University
SAMUELDIEHLAuburn University
LOGANREESEBaldwin Wallace University
GIANNASTALLETTIBenedictine College
MATILDEHECKLERBerklee College of Music
SAMUELMECKBloomsburg University
BENJAMINBULICHBloomsburg University
TRENTFRANCESCOBloomsburg University
KATIEGERBERBloomsburg University
KALEINEELBloomsburg University
KATELYNSNIVELYBloomsburg University
LILYWEISSBloomsburg University
GRACEGERMANBloomsburg University
CONORBOOTHBoston College
SIERRAEVERETTCalifornia University of Pennsylvania
HANNAHKOPECCanisius College
CHRISTINAAGRESTACoastal Carolina University
JACOBGALLAGHERCoastal Carolina University
ALEXANDERHANNACoastal Carolina University
KARLIEHEINZDelaware County Community College
SAMUELWILLISDelaware County Community College
ERINCOOPERDelaware County Community College
ANGELIERODRIGUEZDelaware County Community College
DIMASTADEODelaware County Community College
RYANALDERMANDelaware Valley University
EMILYLANEDelaware Valley University
JACKLYNMCGEEDelaware Valley University
DAVIDFORRESTDeSales University
MADISONHILLDesales University
ISABELLAMOESDickinson College
OSCARBALANDrexel University
DYLANMURRAYDrexel University
JENNATAYMANDrexel University
FELICIAWOLFERDrexel University
MADISONWISENDuquesne University
PORTERSTACKSEast Stroudsburg University
EMMAKIRCHEREastern university
FRANKMIGNONAEastern University
SOPHIAFERRIZZIFlorida Institute of Technology
KELLYSMOLIKGettysburg College
DELANEYMCNALLYHigh Point University
JESSICAGADEBUSCHImmaculata University
EMILYMCGONIGLEImmaculata University
ALEXISMOOREImmaculata University
JEEVANBANDIIndiana University of Pennsylvania
TREVORAMANIndiana University of Pennsylvania
RORYCAHILLIndiana University of Pennsylvania
MEGHANMCGRATHIndiana University of Pennsylvania
EMILYSCHALLIowa State University
ALEXISLITTLEJames Madison University
MADELINEFRIELJames Madison University
JOHNMCMONIGLEJefferson university
MELISSAORRJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice
LINDSEYJENNINGSJohn Jay College of Criminal Science or Hunter College
CONNORCANIGLIAKutztown University of Pennsylvania
HAILEYDAMBROSIOKutztown University of Pennsylvania
LUCASECHIKSONKutztown University of Pennsylvania
RYANMANEVALKutztown University of Pennsylvania
PAIGENOWAKKutztown University of Pennsylvania
MARISACHINICIKutztown University of Pennsylvania
KYLESTORTILa Salle University
JONATHANHANNEVIGLebanon Valley College
ZACARYWEAVERLehigh Carbon Community College
MADELINEBRAUNLehigh University
ANIYAWRIGHTLincoln University of PA
VINCENTFENNELLLock Haven University
JORDANMULFORDLouisiana State University
MADELINEKOURYMercer University
KATHERINEERBMeredith College
ELYSEACOSTAMessiah College
LANEMAGNESSMessiah College
JENNAKIRBYMiami University
WILLIAMHURLOCKMichigan State University
SARAHCAHOEMillersville University
RILEYCANANMillersville University
MCKENNAGOLDSTEINMillersville University
DELANEYKENNEYMillersville University
EvanKosowskiMillersville University
KATHERINETHORPEMillersville University
ALEXWITHERSMillersville University
MICHAELKILGALLONMisericordia University
MARIAMONTELEONEMisericordia University
MATTHEWCUCINOTTAMontgomery County Community College
GAVINFREDERICKMontgomery County Community College
KRISTAMARINOMontgomery County Community College
ZACHARYTRIMBURMontgomery County Community College
GWENDASCHERMontgomery County Community College
BRAYDENDLUHYMontgomery County Community College
ABDURRAFEAMontgomery County Community College
KAYLARYANMontgomery County Community College
AVAWEBERMontgomery County Community College
MADYREINERTMontgomery County Community College
CHRISTIANANGELILLIMontgomery County Community College
RYANANGELOMontgomery County Community College
JENNIFERBEATTYMontgomery County Community College
TRAVISBERRYMontgomery County Community College
AIDENBUDDMontgomery county community college
CONNORCAMPMontgomery county community college
ALYSSADILULLOMontgomery County Community College
MELISSAHAHNMontgomery county community college
JORDANIRVINMontgomery County Community College
PAYTONRIDENOURMontgomery County Community College
SETHROBINSONMontgomery County Community College
MICHAELROSKOSMontgomery County Community College
ELLASELVAGGIOMontgomery County Community College
SHEADAVIESMontgomery County Community College
OLIVIALAFFERTYMoravian College and Army National Guard
COLEGROSSEROhio University
ALYSSAMARSHOld Dominion University
SETHBRADLEYPenn College of Technology
NICHOLASCARUSOPennsylvania College of Technology
NOAHKIRKBRIDEPennsylvania College of Technology
BALDOMEROSILVAPennsylvania College of Technology
SALADINALKASMIPennsylvania State University
JAMESCAPECEPennsylvania State University
ETHANGAWLIKPennsylvania State University
CAYDENJARVISPennsylvania State University
ANDREWCHRISTOFOROUPennsylvania State University
PETERLYNCHPennsylvania State University
JOSEPHMANILIPennsylvania State University
LAURINMARKLEPennsylvania State University
ANTHONYMEDOVICHPennsylvania State University
NIDHIRUPANIPennsylvania State University
ZACHARYSHINEPennsylvania State University
STEPHANIETANAUPennsylvania State University
RONNIESHATIRUMALASETTYPennsylvania State University
JOHNBUCKWALTERPennsylvania State University
AUGUSTUSCORONITIPennsylvania State University
TEAGHANEDLEMANPennsylvania State University
TRINITYFLORESPennsylvania State University
DANIELFRISKPennsylvania State University
ALLISONHAWKPennsylvania State University
JACKSONJENKINSPennsylvania State University
BRIANNAKERLEYPennsylvania State University
SAMUELKUHLPennsylvania State University
OLIVIALECLAIREPennsylvania State University
THOMASMCLEANPennsylvania State University
KENDALLMCNEFFPennsylvania State University
ETHANSTUARTPennsylvania State University
TROYWAGNERPennsylvania State University
ANYAWINEMILLERPennsylvania State University
DEVYNENGLEPennsylvania State University
IANSORDILLAPennsylvania State University
DYLANBAUERPennsylvania State University
SOPHIEMARKSPennsylvania State University
RILEYMORANPennsylvania State University
CAPRINORRISPennsylvania State University
SAMUELSAVAGEPennsylvania State University
ERICSHANAHANPennsylvania State University
KENNEDYKOLLARPennsylvania State University
ISABELLAMEDOVICHPennsylvania State University
OLIVIAPETTYJOHNPennsylvania State University
ALEKYASRINIVASANPennsylvania State University
ASHLEYBEITELPennsylvania State University
BLAYZEFISHERPennsylvania State University
THOMASREYNOLDSPennsylvania State University
JIMMYCHENPennsylvania State University
CONRADBENFORDPennsylvania State University
PAIGEBIEDRONSKIPennsylvania State University
FRANCISDELLAPENNAPennsylvania State University
JACOBDUNLEAVYPennsylvania State University
JULIALAMBPennsylvania State University
MAXWELLLOUISPennsylvania State University
CHRISTIANDAVISPennsylvania State University
SPENCERWINGETPennsylvania State University
RYLIEHANNISPennsylvania State University
GARRETTBLANDPennsylvania State University
GABRIELLESHRADERPennsylvania State University
JACKSAVANTPlayhouse West Philadelphia Acting School
JOCEPHYNEDAVISPoint Park University
ABIGAILHANNISPoint Park University
SAMUELDEFUSCOQuinnipiac University
MOLLYAMBROSIORandolph-Macon College
ADELEZEIBERReading Area Community College
JILLIANCONTIRochester Institute of Technology
SOPHIABONORoger Williams University
RYANSAWKASaint Joseph's University
CHARLEYLUSTIGSaint Mary's College
HALEYCARGOSavannah college of art and design
CLAIREFELTENBERGERSavannah College of Art Design
CARSONMACKEYSeton Hall University
MEREDITHMUTTERSeton Hall University
ALISONDEDEShenandoah University
JAMESHALLMANShippensburg University
JOSHUAJACKSONShippensburg University
KIRAST.CLAIRShippensburg University
TIMOTHYKELLERSlippery Rock University
MICHAELMCGUIGANSlippery Rock University
THOMASDEMPSEYSt. Joseph's University
JASMINECAIRNSStevens Institute of Technology
DEREKWITTLINGERSusquehanna University
ANNABOCHANSKISyracuse University
JORDANSPRANGERSyracuse University
LEYABICKELLTemple University
JULIANACAPECETemple University
AVADESTEFANOTemple University
RYANDUSKETemple University
NATHANFISHERTemple University
GRACEGIRARDTemple University
AIDANMANCINITemple University
REIDSANDSTemple University
JACKSCHNELLTemple University
ROBERTTRANTERTemple University
ZACHARYLALOUPThaddeus Stevens College of technology
ANDREWMORRISEYThe Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
KATRINASUBICKThe College of William & Mary
SARAHTAMMANYThe Culinary Arts Institute at MCCC
JACKSONCONTIThe University of Scranton
SEANDINANThe University of the Arts
JENNYCHENThomas Jefferson University East Fall Campus
DANYLLEOTTENITowson University
GAVINZORNTrine University
MYLESMCDOUGALUniversal Technical Institute(UTI)
SHELBYPORTERUniversal Technical Institute
JUSTINJORGENSENUniversal technical Institution of Exton
RACHELARPUniversity of Arizona
JOHN-PATRICKDUFFYUniversity of Central Florida
UDAYKIRANGUDIPUDIUniversity of Central Florida
PAYTONSCHAFFERUniversity of Colorado Boulder
JANEFARNHAMUniversity of Delaware
DELANEYFREDERICKUniversity of Delaware
ANDREWKEFFERUniversity of Delaware
MARISATERWILLIGERUniversity of Delaware
TALIAZUCHUniversity of Delaware
LOGANGREGORYUniversity of Delaware
KATELYNDHUYUniversity of Findlay
HANNAHCLAYUniversity of Lynchburg
HALEYO'DONNELLUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
AARONBROOKSUniversity of New Haven
HANNAHJACHOWSKIuniversity of new haven
SKYLARHEGARTYUniversity of North Carolina Charlotte
CATHERINEMERKLEEUniversity of North Carolina Charlotte
RYANKILCULLENUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
SEANCRYSLERUniversity of Oregon
ARIANNAARDITIUniversity of Pennsylvania
ETHANBURNSUniversity of Pennsylvania
THEODOREDAMIANIUniversity of Pennsylvania-The Wharton School
MOLLYFEDICKUniversity of Pittsburgh
ELIZABETHAMSTUTZUniversity of Pittsburgh
ROBERTBERNOTASUniversity of Pittsburgh
CHARLESBLACKLEDGEUniversity of Pittsburgh
CAMRYNCOOPERUniversity of Pittsburgh
AMBARGAUTAMUniversity of Pittsburgh
JACKSONGELTINGUniversity of Pittsburgh
LIAMKOWALSKIUniversity of Pittsburgh
ANTONIOPETRUCELLIUniversity of Pittsburgh
MICHAELPEZZILLOUniversity of Pittsburgh
SHIVANIPRAVEENUniversity of Pittsburgh
HAILEYQUINNUniversity of Pittsburgh
EMILYSABATINOUniversity of Pittsburgh
ZEBULONSMITHUniversity of Pittsburgh
STACIASUBICKUniversity of Pittsburgh
EMMAVENANZIUniversity of Pittsburgh
SEANZUBEYUniversity of Pittsburgh
CAMRYNROGERSUniversity of Pittsburgh
EMILEEBROCKNERUniversity of South Carolina
CONNORLEISTERUniversity of South Carolina
AVARESNICKUniversity of Tennessee
MCKINLEYFREESUniversity of Tennessee Knoxville
CARLYRESNICKUniversity of Tennessee Knoxville
SAMUELTURLEYUniversity of the Arts
TIAALANUrsinus College
ALEXISCARRUrsinus College
KURTSAYERSValley Forge Military College & see email
JULIETOGNUCCIVillanova University
ANASTASIAFOKINVirginia Commonwealth University
NOAHGREENSPANVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
JACKSONKEATINGVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
DANIELBENASUTTIWest Chester University
ANGELINABOETTGERWest Chester University
CLARAALLEMWest Chester University
EMILYBROFFTWest Chester University
ETHANBURNHEIMERWest Chester University
SAMANTHACAREYWest Chester University
EMELIECASEYWest Chester University
NIKITACHINWest Chester University
CASSANDRADAMONWest Chester University
NICHOLASDENARDOWest Chester University
KEITHESTERLYWest Chester University
BRANDONFARKOUHWest Chester University
NATHANGALLOWest Chester University
CHLOEGOLASWest Chester University
VICTORIAGRACEWest Chester University
BROOKEGREENAWALDWest Chester University
COURTNEYLASKEYWest Chester University
DAVIDLIGNOREWest Chester University
CHLOELUPOWest Chester University
ALLYSONMAUPAYWest Chester University
CHRISTINAMCCUMBERWest Chester University
JOSEPHMONTESANOWest Chester University
MIKAYLANINESSWest Chester University
LOGANPENNELLAWest Chester University
KARASCHWENKWest Chester University
PHILLIPSHIFFLERWest Chester University
SARAHSIEGELEWest Chester University
COLESMITHWest Chester University
GARRETTTHOMPSONWest Chester University
ALYSSADOBRISCHKINWest Chester University
GRACEHALSEYWest Chester University
SHANERULEYWest Chester University
HALEYLIVINGSTONYork College of Pennsylvania