Thursday, December 20, 2012

Owen J. Roberts Alma Mater

Owen J. Roberts Alma Mater
Far above the valley green,
Roberts High School can be seen
With its colors red and white,
signifying truth and right.
Justice Roberts, man of fame,
this our heritage and name,
Gavel, Ledger, we recall,
holding memories for all.
Roberts High to thee we raise
Alma Mater, hymn of praise
For our teachers, honor due;
For our students, tried and true;
For our friends within these walls
For these hallowed rooms and halls;
Knowledge for each seeking mind;
And respect for all mankind.
In times of toil and gladness too,
Through all time we’ll e’er be true.
Grateful for each fruitful year
we have spent with classmates dear,
Cherished memories evermore
Till our high school days are o’er
Faithful, loyal, always true,
We will pledge our trust to you.

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