Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Event at EC

PTA worked with the wellness committee on a night for families to be active and have fun! This Friday is sure to bring all urban cowboys and cowgirls to the roundup for some Country Line Dancing! Wanted posters accuse staffers of various crimes...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Robotics Students Advance

On Saturday, January 5, two East Vincent teams attended the Oxford First Lego League Regional Qualifier tournament.  As part of the competition, the teams designed and programmed their own robots to solve a variety of missions, researched problems faced by Senior Citizens, proposed innovative solutions to the problems, and solved spontaneous problem solving challenges designed to test their ability to work as a team.
Both teams did a fantastic job! 
Genuine Geniuses – The ‘Inspired Youth Award’ goes to Team 146, Genuine Geniuses.”
Lego-nardo da Vincis, our other team, earned the 2nd Place Champion’s Award. They will continue to states on January 26th at University of Delaware.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

OJR Teacher's Globilization Insights Featured in State Magazine

Owen J. Roberts Educator Featured in State Magazine: Fellowship Gives Mrs. Karin Suzadail Inside Look at China


POTTSTOWN, PA – Mrs. Karin Suzadail was featured in the January edition of the Pennsylvania State Education Association’s Voice Magazine. In June, world language instructor Karin Suzadail was selected as a 2012 National Education Association (NEA) Foundation Pearson Foundation Global Learning Fellow, one of a unique class of 32 award-winning public school educators who are building their global competency skills—a capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance.

The fellowship is an expansion of the NEA Foundation’s annual Awards for Teaching Excellence (ATE) program and a continuation of its mission to advance student achievement by investing in public education that will prepare all students to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world. It is designed to broaden how the Fellows, all ATE recipients, navigate the global age to better prepare their students for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

The tour of China, from June 19-28, 2012, included visits to schools in Beijing and Shanghai to provide educators with structured opportunities to observe high quality instruction and to interact with Chinese teachers and administrators. It also included interactions with representatives from multi-national corporations, Intel and Fastenal, to increase Fellows’ understanding of the workplace skills their students need to succeed in a global economy.

 “In order for students to be prepared for the global age, their educators must be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to teach in the global age,” said Harriet Sanford, President and CEO of the NEA Foundation. “Our program has an intentional focus on strengthening each educator’s global competencies: investigating the world beyond one’s immediate environment; recognizing multiple perspectives; communicating ideas effectively with diverse audiences; taking action to improve conditions.”

Mrs. Suzadail noted, “A representative from Intel provided a teacher-accessible overview of how the company operates and the skills and attitudes that the company looks for in its employees and how those workers function across continents.  One of the factors stressed was flexible thinking and how a focus on rote protocols does not really work in today’s marketplace.”

She chronicled many of her experiences explaining, “It was such a privilege and pleasure to travel with such dedicated educators and such an adventurous group.  The time we spent together at meals, visits, sites, and of course travelling on the bus, was a conduit for rather profound conversations on education, globalization, and sometimes just trying to figure out what was on the table at dinner.”

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Middle School Engaged in Decisions

Eighth grade students toured the High School last week to find out more about elective courses before choosing classes for next year.
On January 22, during a middle school community meeting, Chief of Security and Safety Mr. Larry Mauger had a conversation with 7th and 8th graders about what makes students feel safe in a school setting. He asked for feedback on safety drills and addressed any student concerns.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

8 Medalists for Wildcat Wrestling Team

Wildcat Update
Congratulations to our HS Wrestling team !!!

This past weekend the Wildcat Wrestling Team competed in the “Escape the Rock” wrestling tournament, one of the premier HS wrestling tournaments in the country.  The Wildcats battled to a 2nd place finish in the 32 team field. 
The Wildcats had 8 medalists:
    Colby Frank (3rd place)- Brad Trego (3rd place)- -Gordon Bolig (4th place) -Kyle Shronk (4th place)
    Adam Moser (5th place)-Tyler Rogers (6th place) - Dominic Petrucelli (7th place) -Aston White (8th Place)
The District 1 team Championships will begin this Thursday at WC Rustin HS. Come out and support the Wildcats as they begin their quest for a District One Wrestling title !!

Great Job !!!!!!!!!!  Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!

Gooooooooooooooooo  Wildcats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lions Cubs and Leo Clubs in all Owen J. Roberts Schools will be working on a book drive to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. On January 16, the East Coventry Lion Cubs created a poem and speeches to deliver to the school regarding their new Book Drive. Their poem is posted above. They decorated boxes to collect the books. They also created a speech to deliver each morning on the announcements.The East Coventry Book Drive will run through January 31.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What is the relationship between the words anachronistic and incongruous?  Assail and berate?  Eighth graders in Mrs. Frank’s Language Arts classes this year are exploring new vocabulary by competing in a national online analogy program called the Word Masters Challenge. 
                Word Masters Challenge is a grades 3 to 8 vocabulary competition that takes place three times per school year:  December, February, and April.  Students receive a list of approximately 25 words for which they are responsible researching and learning definitions, parts of speech, connotations, and usage.  They then experiment and play with the words, trying to create a variety of analogies. 
On competition day, they receive a list of 20 multiple-choice analogies that they must solve.  The top 10 finishers’ scores are entered into the competition.  In January, the results will be published online, and students will be able to see how their team ranked against hundreds of other eighth graders across the country. 
The following were the top finishers in the December contest (there are more than 10 names due to ties):  Ryan Simeon, Jane Lasak, Emma Hagen, Ryan Moser, Mason Ayres, Christian Devol, Emily Lagreca, Katie Esterly, Sierra Weil, Anna Stollman, Robert Dilullo, Andrew Sellman, Matt Dinan, Julia Hallman, Darby Gallagher, and Ciera McFarland. 
Participation in Word Masters Challenge was made possible through a classroom grant from the Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation.  According to wordmasterschallenge.com, the program is in its 26th year and involves 250,000 students annually.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Academic Competition

Now in its 29th year, the Chester County Academic Competition provides an opportunity for students from twenty one (21) high schools to compete in a "college-bowl" format where students answer challenging questions from a variety of categories including literature, math, science, American and world history, geography, and contemporary events.

Today, Owen J. Roberts High School hosted a competition with students from Owen J., Connestoga High School and West Chester Henderson. The competitors matched wits and battled facts and figures with wizard speed!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Student Serves by Helping Dogs Achieve Special Destiny

12th grade student Sarah Rivkin is raising her second Seeing Eye Puppy. Archie, pictured above, is destined to become someone’s partner in service. Until the day comes for official training, Sarah will give guidance, love, support, and consistent care—no easy task. Sarah became interested in being a puppy raiser in 10th grade and completed the application and certification before being awarded her first little furry charge, Neptune. Archie is a regular at the high school, as Neptune was before her, where, under Sarah's guidance, the dogs acclimate to a social setting.

Therapy and service are not the only areas of canine interest for Sarah. Sarah has total responsibility for 4 dogs and completed all the research for obtaining dogs with championship qualities. She helps with her family grooming service and is a Junior Handler in dog shows in conformation, junior showmanship, and agility.
She attended Eukanuba where she competed in shows that took place the weekdays before the big Eukanuba National Championship. Then she competed and placed third overall in AKC Junior Agility Invitationals which were held at Eukanuba in the same building on the same weekend as the Championships. The venue pulsed with the adrenaline of extraordinary champions from all over the world, “best of the best” in many categories, and highly-acclaimed. Sarah reported fighting off the thought, “I am just a kid with a puppy”, and proved in 3 different kinds of competitions that both she and her young poodle have promise. In addition to her studies and responsibilities, Sarah keeps a blog, http://www.readysetq.blogspot.com/. While many students her age are preoccupied counting down to graduation, Sarah is happy to be counting down to Poodle Nationals.

Girls swimming: Meet summaries from Tuesday, Jan. 8 | PAC 10 Sports

Girls swimming: Meet summaries from Tuesday, Jan. 8 | PAC 10 Sports