Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Student Serves by Helping Dogs Achieve Special Destiny

12th grade student Sarah Rivkin is raising her second Seeing Eye Puppy. Archie, pictured above, is destined to become someone’s partner in service. Until the day comes for official training, Sarah will give guidance, love, support, and consistent care—no easy task. Sarah became interested in being a puppy raiser in 10th grade and completed the application and certification before being awarded her first little furry charge, Neptune. Archie is a regular at the high school, as Neptune was before her, where, under Sarah's guidance, the dogs acclimate to a social setting.

Therapy and service are not the only areas of canine interest for Sarah. Sarah has total responsibility for 4 dogs and completed all the research for obtaining dogs with championship qualities. She helps with her family grooming service and is a Junior Handler in dog shows in conformation, junior showmanship, and agility.
She attended Eukanuba where she competed in shows that took place the weekdays before the big Eukanuba National Championship. Then she competed and placed third overall in AKC Junior Agility Invitationals which were held at Eukanuba in the same building on the same weekend as the Championships. The venue pulsed with the adrenaline of extraordinary champions from all over the world, “best of the best” in many categories, and highly-acclaimed. Sarah reported fighting off the thought, “I am just a kid with a puppy”, and proved in 3 different kinds of competitions that both she and her young poodle have promise. In addition to her studies and responsibilities, Sarah keeps a blog, While many students her age are preoccupied counting down to graduation, Sarah is happy to be counting down to Poodle Nationals.

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