Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What is the relationship between the words anachronistic and incongruous?  Assail and berate?  Eighth graders in Mrs. Frank’s Language Arts classes this year are exploring new vocabulary by competing in a national online analogy program called the Word Masters Challenge. 
                Word Masters Challenge is a grades 3 to 8 vocabulary competition that takes place three times per school year:  December, February, and April.  Students receive a list of approximately 25 words for which they are responsible researching and learning definitions, parts of speech, connotations, and usage.  They then experiment and play with the words, trying to create a variety of analogies. 
On competition day, they receive a list of 20 multiple-choice analogies that they must solve.  The top 10 finishers’ scores are entered into the competition.  In January, the results will be published online, and students will be able to see how their team ranked against hundreds of other eighth graders across the country. 
The following were the top finishers in the December contest (there are more than 10 names due to ties):  Ryan Simeon, Jane Lasak, Emma Hagen, Ryan Moser, Mason Ayres, Christian Devol, Emily Lagreca, Katie Esterly, Sierra Weil, Anna Stollman, Robert Dilullo, Andrew Sellman, Matt Dinan, Julia Hallman, Darby Gallagher, and Ciera McFarland. 
Participation in Word Masters Challenge was made possible through a classroom grant from the Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation.  According to wordmasterschallenge.com, the program is in its 26th year and involves 250,000 students annually.

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