Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Letter About Band Performance

The following letter was sent to the High School Principal following The Parade of Shoes, Miss America Parade in Atlantic City on September 15, 2013:

Dear Dr. Marchini,

The Miss America Parade was a wonderful event for us, but your high school band was the high point of the parade. The parade stalled in front of us for 20 minutes and your students were both patient and entertaining. At first the students with the banner were in front of us and behind the Margaritaville float. They remained in place, but began to sway and dance to the music coming from the float. Next the band moved and was directly in front of us. A group of men began shouting, "Play Louie, Louie." The band members smiled but remained at attention. After 10 minutes the band director heard the shouts. He said to the band, "We have to give our audience what they want." He had the band turn to face us and the students played the best rendition of Louie, Louie we have ever heard.

We want to thank your band for the wonderful music and thank your band instructor for thinking outside the box and allowing the band to entertain us. It is obvious that he is an outstanding educator and that your school band is not only well disciplined, but they are excellent musicians. As principal, you have much to be proud of. Please pass this letter on to your band director and the board of education. We'd like to thank them for sharing their students with us and for a memorable impromptu show that we will never forget.


Donna and Albert Brown
Hammonton, NJ 

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