Thursday, October 3, 2013

Four OJRHS Students Attend Honor Choir at West Chester University

From L to R:   Sara Helmers, Michael Styer, Brianna Summerill, Christian Eagan

          On Friday, September 27, 2013 four OJRHS sophomores attended an all-day honor choir and vocal workshop at West Chester University School of Music.   The session was sponsored by Department Chair of Vocal and Choral Activities  at WCU, Dr. David DeVenney, who directed the choir.   A team of renowned vocal teachers also assisted the session by providing group lessons to the students.   OJR students attending were:  Sara Helmers (Soprano), Brianna Summerill (Alto), Michael Styer (Tenor), and Christian Eagan (Bass).  

           OJR’s Honor Quartet joined honor quartets from several other high schools for the all-day session which concluded with a concert of three select works by the Honor Choir, as well as a performance of the Concert Choir, the highest ranking choir at the School of Music.   The concert program included works by Pennsylvanian composer, Samuel Barber; renowned spiritual composer William B. Dawson; and James Cutler Dunn Parker (1828-1916).

           “I specifically wanted sophomore students to have this experience,” said Sheila McIntyre, Choral Director.   “This was their very first college visit, and the students and I truly had a wonderful day.” 

          Not only were students learning, but the participating directors also sight-read through several choral works under the direction of Dr. Ryan Kelly.   The WCU School of Music plans on providing the Honor Choir experience to high school students yearly in September.  

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