Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keeping Music in Public Education

It will be for a cause dear to her family’s heart when North Coventry Elementary School 6th grade student Matilde Heckler joins Emmy-winning composer Mark Wood (founder of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra) for a concert event called “We Are Hope” sponsored by the MuzArt World Foundation.
Chosen for her playing ability and artistry, Matilde is one of only 10 student players from across the country to be flown to Salt Lake City to join Wood on stage where she will join the “Mark Wood Experience” with what he deems to be “the largest virtual electric rock orchestra in the world”.  
The Mark Wood Experience will include 2-3 songs with choreography. Wood will be featuring the best and brightest Viper/Cobra/Sabre/Stingray student players in the world at the event.  The concert is being filmed On November 9 for broadcast at a later date.

The inspirational concert event launches MuzArt Foundation’s global initiative to reinvest music and arts education into the public school systems. Along with Mark Wood, multi-platinum child prodigy Jackie Evancho will be a highlighter. Other featured artists include multi-platinum recording artists Michael Martin Murphey, Champaign, singer songwriter Sheila Ray Charles, legendary Artist Ray Charles daughter, 6-year-old Australian artistic prodigy Aelita Andre, South America’s Landfill Harmonic Orchestra.

According to their website, the MuzArt World Foundation is coalition of concerned parents, educators, public servants, and leaders in business and the arts who all share a common concern over the erosion of arts education from our public schools. All have committed to taking positive action to reverse this alarming trend and give our next generation of schoolchildren the Right to Succeed, “because it’s the right thing to do.”

Locally, Matilde Heckler will be performing the electric violin part in Faith Noel during Reading Symphony Junior String Orchestra's Winter concert on December 8. She is principal second violinist and Brian Mischler is the conductor.

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