Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28 School Board Recognitions

  • Congratulations to the following members of the Girls Swimming and Diving team for being the PAC-10 Champions.  They competed in Districts February 28 - March 1, 2014 at LaSalle University.
  • Madeline Bicer
  • Emily Brunton
  • Emma Christman
  • Jacqueline Cooper
  • Caitlin Daly
  • Taylor Davis
  • Allison Drohosky
  • Harley Dunlap
  • Julia Farkas
  • Laurel Fink
  • Morgan Fink
  • Eva Gerhart
  • Morgan Hansen
  • Haley Kuchta
  • Kate McConaghy
  • Devon Niness
  • Anne Reisenwitz
  • Madeline Sager
  • Dru Schneider
  • Andrea Shade
  • Haley Siana
  • Samantha Terrell
  • Mariel Tucker
  • Kelly Werth
  • Abigail Winand
  • Danielle Wood
  • Gabrielle Yuhas
Congratulations to Emma Christman, Morgan Hansen, Devon Niness and Gabby Yuhas for qualifying for states in the 200 Medley Relay and placing 16th.  Congratulations to Morgan Hansen for qualifying for states in the 100 Butterfly and placing 14th.
  • Congratulations to members of the Boys swimming and Diving team for the following:
  • Colin Bauer - State Qualifier in 50 Freestyle and placed 20th.
  • Sam Feiser - District Champion in 50 Freestyle; State Qualifier in 100 Butterfly.  Sam placed 5th in both events at States and set a new team record for both events.
  • Alex McCullough - State Qualifier in 200 Freestyle and placed 16th and in 100 Freestyle he placed 25th.
  • Colin Bauer, Sam Feiser, Alex McCullough, Basil Mokhallati - State Qualifier in 200 Freestyle Relay and placed 13th, a new team record and in 400 Freestyle Relay placed 8th .  
In addition, Sam Feiser has been name the 2014 All-Area Swimmer of the Year!
Thanks to Coaches Mr. Kevin Bott and Mrs. Krista Troutman and Assistant Coaches, Mrs. Paula Terrell, Ms. Rebekah Elliott, and Ms. Jennifer Umstead for the dedication to the swim team.

  • Congratulations to the members of DECA who will be representing the Pennsylvania DECA at DECA's International Career Development Conference from May 3-7, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Alex Beitel
  • Brian Brady
  • Rachel Brobst
  • Siena Carroll
  • Jared Cooney
  • Natalie Czekai
  • Noah Edgecliffe-Johnson
  • Eliza Fitch
  • Ethan Gallagher
  • Aaron Gray
  • Andrew Griffin
  • Katie Higgins
  • Brooke Miller
  • Steven Myers
  • Emerson Odagis
  • Caroline Rajtik
  • Collin Sager
  • Eliza Stoner
  • Christopher Stoudt
  • Danielle Wood
Thanks to Coach Bryan Burtnett for his dedication to DECA.

Mr. Dave Strock was recognized for being named the 2013 Pennsylvania Region 1 Athletic Director of the Year. His retirement was also recognized along with that of Mr. Clint Storm and Mrs. Elaine Wentzel.
 In addition, more than 100 teachers were recognized for being nominated for the Citadel Heart of Learning Award. A full list of nominees may be found at
We are proud to announce that the Citadel Heart of Learning Award was given to Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret) Andrew J. Worley, Naval Science Instructor at Owen J. Roberts High School.

Friday, April 25, 2014

STEM Day Celebration Planned by Students

On Friday, April 25, the Elementary academically talented students provide a celebration of STEM held at the high school.
The celebration grew so much from last year that finding space was a challenge. The high school administration graciously provided areas to accommodate the 100+ student STEM projects, students and visitors.  Wildcat Ambassadors and other high school student leaders served as building “greeters” to help direct parents and visitors to the display spaces. 
The program was planned by grade 2 students.  They learned how to generate QR Codes in one of their previous units—so these students (ages 7 & 8) decided to trigger some of the STEM celebration events with the use of QR codes.  Parents, administrators and other visitors were prepared to utilize QR code to view the project titles and complete the presentation survey.
A team of third graders worked on a media/communications goal and set up a "TV-type news station" where they could interview groups of students about their STEM projects, and then edit/compile the clips into a STEM day documentary.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2014

Mrs. Gabage greets a MS student in the hallway and rewards them for having a favorite poetry in hand today.

The Academy of American Poets sponsors Poem in Your Pocket Day and all Owen J. Roberts schools participated this year. Between classes at the Middle School teachers and principals approached students to solicit a stanza to be read aloud for a small prize.

At East Vincent Elementary, each class has been partnered with one other class and students exchanged poems. Students were given a few minutes to select and practice orally reading the poem they selected (great fluency activity!) The poem could come from anywhere- a book in a classroom, online, the library, or even a poem the student has written him/herself.

In our high school, AP seniors engaged in a “Guerilla Poetics Project” in which they brought their favorite poem to school and were released covertly to the wilds of the building.  They scoped their quarry—unsuspecting students and teachers who looked as though they could use a good poem—and handed it off to them, along with their e-mail address and a written explanation of the project.  The trophies of these guerillas will be e-mails from the readers of their poetry commenting on their selections.  Seniors will then e-mail back, creating a dialogue about the poems. 

Poetry rocks! Students loved celebrating the joy of poetry!

Teams Advancing to State STEM Competition

On April 23, three teams of East Vincent students joined 18 teams from across the county for the first annual STEM Design Challenge, sponsored by K'Nex Education and Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The teams of four students were challenged to design and build an environmentally friendly people mover that could overcome at least one obstacle designed and created by the team.  Each team also needed to create a vehicle blueprint and prepare a creative presentation for the judges.
Our fifth grade team, The Chauffeurs, and their vehicle LIMO (Landmine Indestructible Mobile Obliterator) earned the first place award for the elementary division.  LIMO can turn a cliff into a hill, activate a pulley system to lift a log, and release a lever which launches a landmine extractor.  This team consists of James Davis, Aniket Majety, Jackson Massey, and Adam Levin.
One of our sixth grade teams, the Energetic Engineers, and their vehicle TSMT (Top Secret Military Transporter) won the second place award in the middle school division.  TSMT can release a marble, which travels down a track, which knocks over a train of dominoes, which launches a ball, which then lowers a ramp.  TSMT then travels over the ramp and down the other side, pushes a log, and finally knocks down a wall.  Team members included Lindsey Jennings, Maddi Braun, Meghan Parker, and Annie Arditi.
Additionally, our other sixth grade team, the Unidentified Engineers, and their vehicle UDO (Unidentified Driving Object) achieved first place in the middle school division.  UDO can extinguish a “fire,” capture a thief, fill in potholes, climb a hill, travel over rocky terrain, and finally push an injured puppy safely home.  This team includes Jake Gallagher, Julie Tognucci, Jackson Keating, and Sean Zubey.
As first and second place winners, all three teams will advance to the Pennsylvania State STEM Design Competition next Friday, May 2, 2014 at Harrisburg University, where they will present their work to Governor Corbett and a panel of judges.  Congratulations to all three of our teams!
You can read more about the state competition here: