Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Citadel Award

We are proud to announce that the Citadel Heart of Learning Award was given to Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret) Andrew J. Worley, Naval Science Instructor at Owen J. Roberts High School.

In a joint collaboration, Citadel and the Chester County Intermediate Unit created the Citadel Heart of Learning Awards.  The program was designed to recognize and thank Chester County’s teachers while raising awareness of the impact that their hard work and dedication have on students, families and the entire community.

Fifteen finalists, one public school teacher from each of the 13 public school districts in Chester County, one teacher from the Chester County Intermediate Unit and one teacher from a Chester County non-public school which also includes charter and home schools, will be chosen from the nominations and will be recognized at the Citadel Heart of Learning Awards banquet held in May.  Each finalist will receive $500 to use in their classrooms.  From these 15 finalists, three winners (one high school, one middle school and one elementary school teacher) will be awarded with the Citadel Heart of Learning Award and an additional $1500 to use in their classrooms.

The 2014 Citadel Heart of Learning Award announces nominees for Chester County’s best and brightest teachers. Congratulations to the following nominees from Owen J. Roberts School District:

Karil Abrahamsen

Joanna Abramson
Francesca Alexander
Sarah Allander
Adrienne Andres
Lisa Bealer
Kelly Beaver
Katherine Bell
Amber Benson
Rachel Beresford
Elizabeth Bevan
Mark Bilodeau
Alicia Braksator
Jessica Brilla
Susan Buettler
Bryan Burtnett
Courtney Campbell
Louis Cardi
Patrick Carney
Beth Chaville-Fuller
Tanya Clemens
Adria Creswell
Lisa Cunningham
Lyndsay Dahl
Anna DePaol
Stephen DeRafelo
Kellie DiBattista
Matt Famous
Joseph Faust
Julie Feldmann
Shelli Flick
Jeremy Fox
Laura Frank
Dawn Galambos
Joseph Gallagher
Eric Garman
Margaret Gebert
Kimberly Gery
Brett Galambos
Angela Harvey
Evan Hauck
Jen Heckler
Stacy Hegarty
Jason Hess
Ashley Hineman
Mark Hofer
Bryn Hoyt
Corrine Hummel
James Hunter
Lynne Ippolito
Patty Janda
Erin Kalasunas
Peter Kelly
Joe Kirtner
Alison Kulp
Nicole Leister
Lisa LeVan
Marc Lieberson
Timothy Maher
Cheryl Markofski
Heather Martin
Ashley McClay
John McCormick
Sheila McIntyre
Jody McMahon
Eileen Meeker
Carrie Mitton
Charles Nesley
Amanda O’Brien
Kathleen O’Neill
Christopher Palochak
Donna Pioli
Jessica Potts
Lauren Pringle
Stephen Raught
Ezekiel Reichley
Robin Remigio
Heather Reynolds
David Rhen
William Richardson
Elizabeth Ross
Janet Ryan
Cathy Sacks
Leah Saltzer
Emily Sassaman
Lori Scheib
Aimee Shute
David Schwenk
Beth Seiler
Karlen Senseny
Theodore Snyder
Tom Sonnenberg
Stone Stafford
Lindsay Stout
Karin Suzadail
Justine Taylor
Peg Tinder
Matthew Venza
Sybil Vernon
Jessica Verwys
Daryl Walmer
Candis Wiese
Andrew Worley
Andrew Wright
Meg Wrubel
Jonathan Yoder
Joshua Yoder
Carly Youngblood
Shannon Zapf
Mark Zimmerman
Nick Zurga

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