Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2014

Mrs. Gabage greets a MS student in the hallway and rewards them for having a favorite poetry in hand today.

The Academy of American Poets sponsors Poem in Your Pocket Day and all Owen J. Roberts schools participated this year. Between classes at the Middle School teachers and principals approached students to solicit a stanza to be read aloud for a small prize.

At East Vincent Elementary, each class has been partnered with one other class and students exchanged poems. Students were given a few minutes to select and practice orally reading the poem they selected (great fluency activity!) The poem could come from anywhere- a book in a classroom, online, the library, or even a poem the student has written him/herself.

In our high school, AP seniors engaged in a “Guerilla Poetics Project” in which they brought their favorite poem to school and were released covertly to the wilds of the building.  They scoped their quarry—unsuspecting students and teachers who looked as though they could use a good poem—and handed it off to them, along with their e-mail address and a written explanation of the project.  The trophies of these guerillas will be e-mails from the readers of their poetry commenting on their selections.  Seniors will then e-mail back, creating a dialogue about the poems. 

Poetry rocks! Students loved celebrating the joy of poetry!

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