Friday, April 25, 2014

STEM Day Celebration Planned by Students

On Friday, April 25, the Elementary academically talented students provide a celebration of STEM held at the high school.
The celebration grew so much from last year that finding space was a challenge. The high school administration graciously provided areas to accommodate the 100+ student STEM projects, students and visitors.  Wildcat Ambassadors and other high school student leaders served as building “greeters” to help direct parents and visitors to the display spaces. 
The program was planned by grade 2 students.  They learned how to generate QR Codes in one of their previous units—so these students (ages 7 & 8) decided to trigger some of the STEM celebration events with the use of QR codes.  Parents, administrators and other visitors were prepared to utilize QR code to view the project titles and complete the presentation survey.
A team of third graders worked on a media/communications goal and set up a "TV-type news station" where they could interview groups of students about their STEM projects, and then edit/compile the clips into a STEM day documentary.

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