Thursday, April 10, 2014

Talented Artists

Congratulations to all the High School student art show participants and winners! There is an amazing amount of artistic talent among our students. Take a minute to stop in and browse.


Ceramics – Hand built
1      Emma Christman, Sushi
2    Madeline Bicer, Tea pot
3    Haley Burdette, vase
HM Lexi Shimkonis, Tea pot

Ceramics – Wheel

1          Emily Brunton, bowl
2          Dylan Dougherty, bowl
3          Nate Childers, bowl
(HM – Not awarded in this category)

Digital Arts – Photoshop
1          Zach Foreman- Spacescape
2          Lindsey Lenarcik- Animal Hybrid
3          Matt Giacoponello- Animal Hybrid
HM       Ben White- Philly Currency

Digital Arts – Illustrator
1          Zach Foreman- Body of Work
2          Ryan Dede- Scientific Illustration
3          Tony Thomas- Vintage Travel Poster
HM       Alex Kabrich- Vintage Travel Poster

Drawing - Charcoal
1          Claire Dawkins – Jar of Sisterly Love
2          Lexi Rodriguez - Lola
3          Sarah Berkey – New York
HM       Caroline Rajtik - Shoes

Drawing- Pencil
1          David Snyder - Matt
2          Elizabeth Karcewski – Self Portrait
3          Ashley Heighton – Self Portrait
HM       Madeline Schaeffer – Lost Girl with Deer

Mixed Media
1          Maddie Matarazzo – Stud vs. Slut
2          Ashley Raser – The Marine
3          Tess VanDerWerf- Social Problem
HM       David Snyder – Break Through
Painting- Watercolor
1          Lexi Lyon – Body of Work
2          Kayla Brown- Body of Work
3          Avery Hart - untitled
HM       AnnaLisa Davis- untitled

Painting- Acrylic
1          Alyssa Ott - Cardi
2          Amanda Ackerman – Self Portrait
3          Tess VanDerWerf – Old Man
HM       Fiona McLaughlin - Untitled

Painting- Oil
1 through HM   Julianna Clark – body of work
**Julianna was winner of all levels in this category.

Photography- Black and White
1          Arianna Gutierrez, Whatever
2          Becca Roat, Now Freeze
3          Isaiah Schwartz, Untitled #2
HM       Cameron McCollum, Untitled #2

Photography- Color
1          Lydia McMurray – Flourish of Hues
2          Becca Roat, Gateway to Paradise
3          Anders Opitz, Boats
HM       Katie Kelsey, Defiance

1          Ari Ott, Basswood Sculpture
2          Mickey Kohn,
3          Kelly Townsend,
HM       Haley Lakhicharran,      

1          Elizabeth Seber – Magic Deck Box for Matt
2          Dan Lawrence- The Wright Flyer
3          Hung Ngyen - Cabin
HM       Kyle Copenhaver – Truncated Dodecahedron

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