Friday, May 30, 2014

Students Join Fight Against Cancer

OJR Students, Staff Gear up for Relay

As a whole, the Owen J. Roberts High School student body is very serious about joining the fight against cancer and there are many high school students organized into Relay for Life teams. One large team, Swim for a Cure, will draw about 50 student campers and host a midnight pancake breakfast under the tent. Students are doing everything from embroidering pocket t-shirts to organizing teams of walkers who will keep the chain of life going around the track all night.








Prevention, empathy, and how illness can be random were all discussed in a school-wide assembly at North Coventry Elementary School where students and staff have been actively engaged in the fight against cancer. One team, North Coventry Cancer Busters, celebrated their 16th year of involvement with Relay for Life and another year of stretching for and hitting a goal ($5,000 this year).
A teacher dressed as an Asparagus Super Hero high-fived students as they entered the assembly—a reminder to keep trying vegetables with cancer-fighting properties. During the assembly, students learned that they were part of 11,000 students in 36 schools in our region who were celebrating Relay Recess as part of Pottstown Relay for Life. Throughout the year, North Coventry Elementary students took part in preventative activities including Cooking for Real Kids—an after school program where 5th and 6th grade students learned to make their own whole food snacks. All students participated in Tasty Tuesdays and had the opportunity to be part of a walking club and yoga for kids.
An area resident, Mr. Jim Miller, who had donated copies of Mrs. Fiddlesticks Wears a Hat by his sister, Becca DesJardin, illustrated by Beth Owermohle, shared how his sister got the idea for the book. Students learned that cancer treatment affects hair cells. Students listened attentively to a teacher narrate the story and also go to learn about how the author, a teacher, saw an important issue and put her feelings to paper.
Students had all colored their own sun visors and wore the hats to practice sun safety AND to honor people who have been affected by cancer!
Two staff member cancer survivors were celebrated with a walk around the school track.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Torch of Classical Civilization Burns Bright at OJR!

Junior Classical League Creed

We, the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to the ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language, and arts.

We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication, and enriches our total growth.

This past weekend at Penn State Main Campus, 49 Owen J. Roberts Latin students competed against almost 600 other Latin and Greek students from across the state in academic, artistic and athletic contests. Owen J. students were successful in a variety of areas. Mrs. Suzadail is pleased to report that these students represented Owen J. Roberts very well. 

Additionally, Owen J. Roberts will be serving the Pennsylvania Junior Classical League (PAJCL) at the state level with two new PAJCL State Officers: Matt Woodward (PAJCL Vice-President) and Cassie Popp, OJR Class of 2012 (PA Senior Classical League Commissioner).

Thanks go out to Mrs. Karin Suzadail and the conference chaperones: Dr. Bill Hauck, Mr. Jon Yoder, Ms. Deb Maute, Mr. Mike Fili, and Ms. Lynn Mancuso.

Academic Competitions and Testing:
1st Place, Mythology, Level 2 – Anna Stollman
3rd Place, Girls’ Poetry Dramatic Interpretation, Advanced Level – Sarah Hume
3rd Place, Spelling Bee – Rachel Bloemker
5th Place, Girls’ Prose Dramatic Interpretation, Advanced Level – Navdeep Handa
5th Place, Girls’ Oratory Recitation, Level 2 – Ciera McFarland
5th Place, Derivatives, Level 3 – Navdeep Handa
5th Place, Grammar, Level 3 – Navdeep Handa
6th Place, Vocabulary, Level 1 – Annaliese Long
7th Place, Derivatives, Level 3 – Mark Dyer
7th Place, Mythology, Level 3 – Andy Mento
8th Place, Derivatives, Level 2 – Anna Stollman
8th Place, Grammar, Advanced Level – Rachel Bloemker
8th Place, History, Advanced Level – Tyler Maute
8th Place, History, Level 3 – Tim LaGreca
9th Place, Derivatives, Level 2 – Ciera McFarland
9th Place, History, Advanced Level – Rachel Bloemker
9th Place, History, Advanced Level – Ryan Dede
9th Place, History, Level 3 – Andy Mento
9th Place, Vocabulary, Level 3 – Mark Dyer
10th Place, Grammar, Level 3 – Peter Sagona
10th Place, Grammar, Level 3 – Sarah Hume
10th Place, Mythology, Advanced Level – Matt Woodward
10th Place, Vocabulary, Level 3 – Navdeep Handa

Artistic Competition:
1st Place, Life-Sized Costume – Peter Sagona
1st Place, Promotional Poster – Baxter Rechtin
1st Place, 3-D Map – Tim LaGreca
2nd Place, Watercolor Painting – Annie Reisenwitz
2nd Place, Pencil / Charcoal Sketch – Eva Bove
2nd Place, Greeting Card – Mark Dyer
2nd Place, Chapter Scrapbook – Jackie Fili
3rd Place, 2-D Map - Brontë Baker Blake
4th Place, Oil / Acrylic Painting – Taylor Baker
4th Place, Ink Sketch – Brontë Baker Blake
4th Place, Glass Mosaic – Matt Woodward
4th Place, Minor Model – Lauren Schweppe
4th Place, Decorative Stitching – Anna Stollman
4th Place, Life-Sized Costume – Lily Cremers
4th Place, Impromptu Art, Takugo Amy
5th Place, Decorative Stitching – Lauren Schweppe
5th Place, Jewelry – Ciera McFarland
5th Place, Illustrated Quotation – Sarah Hume
5th Place, Traditional Photography – Savannah Knighton
5th Place, Impromptu Art – Lily Cremers

Olympic Events:
1st Place, Girls’ 100 Meter – Anna Stuart
1st Place, Boys’ 100 Meter – Nate Pennypacker
1st Place, Boys’ 400 Meter – Eric Gift
1st Place, Boys’ 4x100 Relay
1st Place, Co-Ed 4x100 Relay
1st Place, Girls’ Rubber Chicken Silly Throw – Lauren Schweppe
2nd Place, Girls’ 800 Meter – Andrea Shade
2nd Place, Girls’ 4x100 Relay
2nd Place, Boys’ Rubber Chicken Silly Throw – Ben Brill
3rd Place, Large School Division Volleyball
3rd Place, Boys’ 1600 Meter – Baxter Rechtin
3rd Place, Boys’ Rubber Chicken Silly Throw – Mike Matteson
4th Place, Large School Division Basketball
4th Place, Girls’ 200 Meter – Sarah Maute
4th Place, “Friscus” Silly Throw – Chris Kolb
5th Place, Boys’ 800 Meter – Eric Gift

Spirit Competition:
5th Place, Large School Division, Friday
5th Place, Large School Division, Saturday

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

They're Graduating!

Middle School teachers, Mrs. Krista Venza and Miss Kira Rumpp, honored students from the Class of 2014 with an little party in their Middle School classroom. These students were the first class the instructors taught that will graduate. The students and teachers reminisced with many photos.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Anchor Club of the Year

Mrs. Kim Nagy is extremely proud to announce that Owen J. Roberts Anchor Club was awarded the Outstanding Anchor Club of the Year for the Northeast Potomac District. "As Advisor, I can attest to the many hours spent creating the application and for the first time, a video entry," said Mrs. Nagy.  As part of the award, her club received a banner, plaque, and certificate.  They were also allowed to send a delegate to the Anchor Club Convention in Chicago with a paid registration fee and $250 travel allowance.  The club has done an outstanding job with service hours this year.

Left to right:  Eileen Hughes, Pilot Club of Valley Forge Anchor Liaison;  Bharvi Vyas, OJR Anchor Secretary; Bonnie Misko, President of Pilot Club of Valley Forge; Kennedy Houck, OJR Anchor Vice-President; Jessica Haverkamp, OJR Anchor President; Lisa Palmquist,  Pilot International representative as Anchor Coordinator of the Northeast Potomac District;  Caitlyn Koch, OJR Anchor Treasurer; Gillian Caplan, OJR Anchor and recipient of the Brainminders Art Contest Award from Pilot International.

OJR Anchor Club officers and Gillian Caplan