Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prime Time Students

Check out tonight's Action News!

There Goes that Action News Van...

With only 9 days to learn and practice the music, students performed an amazing concert today. Upbeat Strings participants nailed Al Ham's "Move Closer to Your World" and the Action News Van was there--tune in to WPVI Channel 6--we are not sure when it will air.

About 73 students in grades 3 to 6 participated in orchestra camp with today as the final day. With an emphasis on fun, this year students performed several familiar television theme songs including theme music from Batman, The Simpsons, West Wing, Pink Panther, and Al Ham’s “Move Closer to Your World”— the Channel 6 (WPVI) Action News theme!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Action News features Orchestra Camp Students this morning!

Owen J. Roberts Orchestra Camp students were part of what the region woke up to this morning as they played "Move Closer to Your World", the WPVI 6ABC Action News theme song!

Playing music that is meaningful to them!
POTTSTOWN, PA—Catch talented kid’s playing the Action News theme song on June 26, 881 Ridge Rd, Pottstown. It’s the song so many in the region wake to each day and this summer Owen J. Roberts elementary students are having fun belting it out on sections of strings, brass and percussion. About 73 students in grades 3 to 6 are fine tuning their instrumental skills at summer orchestra camp this week and next. With an emphasis on fun, this year students are engaged in familiar television theme songs. Students will play theme music from Batman, The Simpsons, West Wing, Pink Panther, and Al Ham’s “Move Closer to Your World”— the Channel 6 (WPVI) Action News theme!

The final show is at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 26.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Digital Revolution

Check out what teachers are saying about Tech Academy:

It has been said we are living in the age of the Digital Revolution. Technology is making sweeping changes on the way people across the world live, work, play and learn!

This week, Owen J. Roberts teachers have been engaged in Tech Academy and have been prompted to consider how digital tools may enhance teaching and learning.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tech Academy

Nearly 275 people are involved in Tech Academy this week at Owen J. Roberts. Teachers are engaging in professional development that will assist in integrating technology into teaching and learning. The Academy, an approved graduate course through Neumann University, was in the planning stages for nearly a year.  Teachers report being enthusiastic about Tech Academy because they were able to tailor their learning by choosing which courses they attended. It was also refreshing to busy educators, and somewhat different than professional development during the school year, because teachers had quality time to digest and practice new knowledge acquired during Tech Academy. 

Teachers enjoy learning from peer instructors who have put technology to use and worked through possible challenges.

Teachers examine e-book tools which may promote close reading. They discussed ways to use tools to scaffold reading comprehension and what obstacles they may need to overcome in the classroom.

At least fourteen courses for OJR teachers were offered as part of Tech Academy including e-books, hybrid learning, interactive white board, ipad, digital collaborative, schoology, STEM, survey tools, and Desire 2 Learn. Desire 2 Learn (D2L) will be introduced at the secondary level so that students have full access to teaching and learning tools 24/7. D2L is used by many major colleges and  universities to support online education for faculty and students.

Use of interactive whiteboards may enhance learning through multi-sensory, collaborative, and hands-on strategies.

Many teachers were prompted to think critically about how they may integrate device use (such as i-pads) into teaching  and differentiated instruction.

What is a good technology experience without some WOW factor? Kutztown University brought their Digital Petting Zoo to the Tech Academy so that teachers could get their hands on some of the latest devices. Testing new devices is exciting and can open the mind to just how advanced technology is becoming. Teachers and schools will thoughtfully leverage use of new technology to meet the needs of each student and each community.
A teacher tests "Magic Cube", which projects a fixed laser keyboard onto almost any flat surface. The keyboard works with tablet devices.

This interactive toy car may be coded to follow a path which a student has drawn.

Mindflex Duel allows players to levitate a foam ball and move it across the game platform--all with their minds.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Class of 2014 59th Commencement Exercises

Threatening weather forced the celebration inside this year, but it did not hamper fully honoring nearly 400 graduates of Owen J. Roberts School District.

Check out photo albums on facebook and the Pottstown Mercury.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Discussing Snow Days with Superintendent

Second Grade student, Zoey Zimmer served as "Principal of the Day" at East Coventry Elementary School. She spent the day making "important" decisions, visiting the classrooms and had an important meeting with Dr. Christian and Dr. Soeder.  Her grandfather won the honor for Zoey at the recent PTA Golf Outing raffle drawing.  

Ms. Zimmer and Dr. Christian reminisced about the many times Dr. Christian called the Zimmer household this year with news of school closings and delays. Ms. Zimmer was in favor of even more snow days.

Living Museum

Middle School Drama class performed their Living Museum pieces for invited faculty members and classes on June 10, 2014. 

Students researched famous, influential figures from history, wrote original monologues based on their research, memorized these monologues, and prepared to present them as their historical figure from watching Youtube videos (when available) of their chosen figures speaking. 

It was an opportunity for visitors to meet some of history’s most fascinating and influential people. 

The following voices from the past shared their stories, little-known trivia, and reflections on their often short but exciting lives!

Abby Perry
Marilyn Monroe
Lauren Trainer
Audrey Hepburn
Cassady Mayerson
Ann Frank
Kyle Waldhof
Hannah Maloney
Abigail Adams
Fiona Murray
Babe Ruth
Lilly Kull
Lucile Ball
Immani Watts
Maya Angelou
Kailei Beaston
Betsy Ross
Jillian Burkbeck
Amy Winehouse
Star Schaffer
Anne Sullivan
Richie Bruce
Meghan Schnell
Jackie O
Mika Smith
Mary Martin
Macy Wright
George Washington
Carley Gambone
Loretta Lynn
Maddie Dalton
Shirley Temple
Lindsey Kilkullen
Walt Disney
Emily Meinhart
Devon Flaim
Jane Adams
Lena Nguyen
Marie Antoinette