Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fine Arts Exploration

Students enrolled in summer enrichment opportunities at Owen J Roberts School District really do play, learn, and grow together!

Owen J. Roberts 3-D Fine Arts Summer Camp students created impressive works of art this week and learned skills they can use for a lifetime. They experimented with many traditional and contemporary textile materials. Blending traditional art and 21st Century skills, students took digital photos in the gardens and used prints to inspire felted 3-dimensional works. The digital prints and felt work were then matted for display and may be framed.

In Photoshop, students mastered one-of-a-kind graphics which were applied to tie-dyed t-shirts they created the day before.

Puppet making was part of the fun!

Who says a comfortable t-shirt cannot be stylish as well. With a little bit of tape and bleach water, students took graphics created on the computer and transferred to amazing custom  t-shirts.

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