Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Students Recognized for Military Service and Citizenship

At the regular business meeting of the Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors, Monday, June 30, congratulations were offered to following graduates of the Class of 2014 for serving and protecting our country through our armed forces:

• Montee Atkins - United States Marine Corps
• Josh Barnes - Army National Guard
• Brandon Casto - United States Navy
• Matt Dielman - National Guard
• Jonathan Herman - National Guard
• Christian Keyes - Army National Guard
• Brett McConaghy - National Guard
• Patricia McGarry - Army National Guard
• Nick Napolitan - Army National Guard
• Michael Rodgers - United States Marines Corps
• Brandon Rodriguez - United States Air Force
• Chris Stout - Army National Guard
• Brandon Willis - Army National Guard
• Evan Yeager - Army National Guard

Congratulations were also offered to the following Juniors who received the Union League of Philadelphia's Good Citizen Award awarded each year to 11th grade students who exemplify a well-rounded profile of activities. "Candidates must demonstrate exemplary qualities of cooperative effort, self-control, perseverance, serious scholarship and good sportsmanship. The student should demonstrate appreciation for America and endeavor to follow and uphold the best traditions and principles of American patriotism." More than 6,000 applicants were considered in the region. Awards were given to:

• Andrew Carpenter
• Benjamin Fogwell
• Trevor Morris
• Laurel Wynn

A special thanks to Master Gunnery Sergeant Andrew Worley for his dedication to the District's NNDCC program.

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