Friday, October 3, 2014

Practicing Safety and Awesomeness

On September 30, East Vincent Elementary students and staff practiced a lock down drill as well as an evacuation drill. Mr. Larry Mauger, the retiring Chief of Security and Safety; Mr. Kevin Smith, new Chief of Security and Safety; Dr. Christian, Superintendent of Schools; and three officers from the East Vincent police force assisted/observed the school as the drills were completed.  All commented on how well the students and staff performed, particularly, as it was the first month of the school year.

After the drills, everyone enjoyed a school-wide assembly at which the school recognized Chief Mauger on his upcoming retirement.  The students had made numerous cards and posters thanking him for his years of service with the goal of keeping the OJRSD community safe.  In creating a Wordle to describe Chief Mauger, adjectives including caring, approachable, kind, conscientious, chivalrous, respectful, responsible, funny, and trustworthy were selected. This tribute provided a great segway to a character assembly prepared by Mrs. Quinn as Chief Mauger serves as a great role model for the character traits in which the school focuses each month.  He certainly emulates the East Vincent “BE AWESOME” mantra. 

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