Tuesday, December 23, 2014

West Vincent Students Making a Difference

November 4, 2014 was a scheduled day off of school for Owen J. Roberts students. But it was not just a day of sleeping in and extra screen time for one group of friends. West Vincent Elementary students in grades 3 to 6; PJ dePorry, Andrew dePorry, Sabrina Marks, Trey Marks, and Pierce Marks, along with OJR Middle School student, Sophie Marks, made a decision that being idle was not the best use of their time that day. After learning that their church youth pastor’s 3-year-old son, Theo, was diagnosed with Leukemia, the students began strategizing how to help.

"Team Theo" was set up at their church, Marsh Creek Community Church, Lionville, and the students decided making money to donate to Team Theo was the best way they could assist a family in need. The students went to work looking for opportunities to earn money when a parent shared a need for clean up at a local construction site. On November 4, the students got up early and reported for duty at Avenue One Building Group doing construction job site clean-up. 

The weather was awesome that day and the students were surprised by multiple residents of the over-55 community where they worked who asked what they were doing and donated more money to the cause! The students were amazed how they could fill an empty dumpster and even more thrilled they could earn money to help someone who was hurting. After the experience, they instantly started brainstorming other ways they may be able to earn money for the cause such as raking leaves. They also started working on ways they might support Team Theo by writing letters or working on a website, channeling their time and talents for good and not being concerned that they may be “too young” to make a difference.

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