Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6th Grade Activists

As part of the grade six writing curriculum, students are working on fact-based essays. At North Coventry Elementary School the sixth grade teaching team wanted to help students learn about the importance of note-taking, organizing information, and citing reliable sources. In order to support those skills, students practiced on an unfamiliar topic: young activists. Students spent time over a few weeks researching nine different young activists. They organized information into notes from which they created a rough draft. From the rough draft, students will create an essay.

Students researched on the computers and took notes. Some students transfered notes onto posters so that all could see the information about the activists. Posters were also used to look for similar character traits that may be shared by activists. This information will be the basis of the informational essay and/or blog posts.

Students are also reading about global issues (human rights, population growth, pollution, energy, and migration) during reading instruction to strengthen nonfiction reading skills. Through reading about important social topics, students learn to find evidence in the text to form and support opinions.

Students will merge acquired skills and knowledge through the reading and writing lessons. In other words, they will take what they learned about other activists and apply it to issues they find important to become activists themselves. This will all culminate with using various medias to bring attention to issues and offer solutions to these problems.