Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sweet Mock Election

Each year, third graders at North Coventry Elementary hold a class by class candy bar election integrated into the study of the three branches of government.  While studying the Executive branch we introduce “candydates” (candidates), Milky Way vs. Nestle Crunch (pointing out that there are typically two main candidates…R &D).  

Students then discuss topics of interest by candidate and why those topics are important.  Students research the candydates’ nutritional information, and OF COURSE do a specific taste test (paying close attention to what it looks like, how it smells, the texture while eating it, what it tastes like, and of course, how it makes us feel after eating it, because they want to make an INFORMED decision!

Students learn that more information can be found through having a debate. They discuss it and think of possible questions) and advertisements making mini posters to advertise and discuss why that is done.  Once students have gathered all of the necessary information, a secret ballot vote is done. They discuss why this happens and how it is completed for a real election). Students cheer in celebration upon hearing the winner!!!!

It is a great time and the children are extremely interested and surprised with what they learn about the democratic election process.

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