Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Passing with Flying "Colors"

18 March 2015
At 0800, Inspecting Officers arrive to meet with cadets and begin the review process. During the ceremonial phase of the inspection, Commander Eric Humphries commended the Owen J. Roberts program for its strength and strong leadership. He mentioned that Master Gunnery Sergeant Worley is a role model among other commanders saying, “He is highly respected among his peers”.

Superintendent Michael Christian acknowledged the cadets’ hard work and the strong leadership in Master Gunnery Sergeant Worley. He reminded attendees that Master Guns was awarded the Citadel Heart of Learning Secondary Teacher for Chester County last year as nominated by students and parents. High School Principal Richard Marchini spoke appreciatively of what the NJROTC program brings to the culture of the high school and what the cadets bring to our school and community with their leadership and thousands of hours of community service.

Commander Humphries also recognized Laurel Wynn for admittance into the United States Naval Academy. Laurel was very honored to be nominated by Congressman Jim Gerlach for consideration into a service academy. Her appointment into a service academy includes a scholarship of about $327,000.00 and job placement after graduation. According to Master Gunnery Sgt. Worley, Laurel worked extremely hard on her academics, physical fitness and public speaking to qualify. As Commander Humphries mentioned, the Naval Academy’s acceptance rate is about 4%. Laurel will join an esteemed class of about 1000 cadets at one of America’s most prestigious schools, the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, this fall.
The ceremonial phase of NJROTC inspection includes March-on colors, national anthem performed by high school choir members under the direction of Mrs. Sheila McIntyre, and pass-in-review.

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