Thursday, April 30, 2015

Owen J. Roberts DECA Wins Again at International DECA Competition

Orlando, Florida April 25-April 28, 2015:  Twenty seven Owen J. Roberts DECA members earned the right to represent the state of Pennsylvania at DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando, Florida.  These future marketing leaders were selected through at least two levels of competition, as the best marketing students out of over 3000 Pennsylvania DECA members.  At the ICDC, the Owen J. Roberts delegation competed against 18,000 DECA members from all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Spain, Dubai, and Germany for recognition and over $300,000 in scholarships provided by DECA’s National Advisory Board companies.
            More than 1000 business professionals representing both domestic and international corporations served as judges in the competitive events with 150-200 DECA projects/competitors in each event.  These business professionals interacted with the DECA members through presentations of written manuals and role-play scenarios in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management career clusters. 
            Only the top 3% out of the 18,000 students competing are chosen and recognized as the best of the best with scholarships and trophies.  While attending the conference, students have an opportunity to attend leadership academies designed to develop individual leadership skills and better prepare the students to become the leaders of tomorrow’s workforce.  In addition, students have the opportunity to meet with vendors and discuss everything from business trends to internship and scholarship opportunities.  Student leaders from each state interview and elect students for one of five national offices.
            Owen J. Roberts DECA won the following awards at the 2015 ICDC:  Alex Bendyk and Sam Bolig, TOP 10 in the Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making Event (Alex also received an award for high test score out of 400 competitors); Mark Dyer, TOP 20 in Accounting Application Series; and Eliza Fitch and Danielle Wood, high presentation score in Advertising Campaign.  Other Owen J. Roberts DECA members competing at the 2015 ICDC included:  written events…. Emily Haverstick and Emily Stoner in Business Services Operations Research Event; Maggie Duffy in Sports and Entertainment Operations Research Event; Katie Higgins in Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan Event; Brooke Miller and Laura Bauernschmidt in Buying and Merchandising Operations Research Event; Ryan Michener and Conner Ruyak,in Entrepreneurship Written Event; Sienna Carroll and Eliza Stoner in International Business Plan Event; Maddie Sager and Annie Reisenwitz in Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan Event; Ryan Knox in Entrepreneurship Participating Event; Caroline Rajtik in Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan Event; Richard Brigandi in Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling Event.   Role-play events…. Ethan Gelting in Human Resource Management Series; Connor Harlow in Food Marketing Series; Ryan Dede in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series;  and Emerson Odagis and Andrew Griffin in Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making Event.   In addition, Rachel Brobst and Tyler McGee participated in the DECA IGNITE leadership academy for future leaders in business and marketing. 
            DECA is the only international student organization operating through schools to attract young people to careers in marketing, merchandising, management, and entrepreneurship.  Its purposes are to teach occupational proficiency, and to promote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive enterprise system.
            Local businesses and community members interested in participating with DECA may contact the Owen J. Roberts DECA Advisor, Mr. Bryan C. Burtnett, at .

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Through Each Others' Eyes

Owen J. Roberts High School celebrated their first Challenge Day today. The event provided students with an experiential program that demonstrates the possibility of positive connection through the celebration of diversity, truth, and full expression. The daylong event gave students the opportunity to work in small groups with adults on intellectual flexibility, leadership skills, diversity practice, self-confidence and social competence. The theme was "through each others' eyes".

Challenge Day is supported by the high school, the local Lion’s Club, and a grant through the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

School Board Recognitions

On Monday, April 27, 2015, the Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors recognized students and teachers at the Regular Business Meeting for their outstanding accomplishments.
The Board acknowledged that 85 students from Owen J. Roberts School District participated in the Chester County Science Research Competition. They congratulated Zoey Zabrenski, Audrey Farnham and Matthew Karcewski  for representing Owen J. Roberts School District with their science research projects at the next level of competition, the Delaware Valley Science Fair.  Zoe and Audrey received 3rd place for their projects and were invited to participate in the Broadcom Masters Competition.  In addition, Zoe received The Future Scientist Award sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Matthew Karcewski

Zoey Zabrenski with Science Coordinator, Mrs. Mary-Rita Bonner
Also acknowledged was Mr. Brad Creswell, 8th grade teacher at the Middle School, for the distinguished honor of being chosen a Citadel Heart of Learning finalist. Along with Mr. Creswell, all Owen J. Roberts nominees were recognized. Pictured below are teachers who were in attendance for their recognition.

Congratulations to all nominees!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't Miss MS Night of the Arts!

College Influences

Mrs. Amanda Yoder created a bulletin board for her class to help students get more concrete ideas about college.  Her hope was that students might hear about new colleges as they start their search or they might ask a teacher about an experience at a specific college.She asked colleagues to share some college background. Information from OJRHS teachers included: name, position, undergrad college attended, major and whether they attended community college.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Author/Sister Visits OJRMS

Jenny Adams Perinovic visited the Middle School today and celebrated the April 28 release of "A Magic Dark and Bright" with her sister, MS student Kelly Adams, and other students. Middle School Language Arts Department Head, Mrs. Laura Frank, arranged the visit, which was an opportunity for students to feel close to the author and engage her about her process and life.

A group of students applied to have lunch with Mrs. Perinovic and discuss her favorite reads, her writing process, and her general interests in life. Read about young adult writer, Jenny Perinovic, here

Mock Crash Warns Against Distracted Driving

State Police arrive early to review the plan.

Student actors in make up. The day began at 6:30 a.m. for these student volunteers

Drama of injury added with stage make up

This student gets a simulated severe neck injury.
The Mock Crash Event features professional actors from the Media Theatre as well as OJR student actors and is sponsored by State Farm insurance in cooperation with Paoli Hospital and the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s Cruisin’ Smart Program. 

Student actors wrote, practiced, and performed the realistic crash drama

This student actor will not "survive" the crash reenactment.

The make up looks oppressively real

The crash scene unfolds.
The OJRSD Security Department, Goodwill Ambulance, Ridge Fire Company, Pennsylvania State Police, and local municipal police have been working together over the past months to plan this event to encourage responsible driving behaviors among the community’s youth.

State police administer a sobriety test

More than 100 volunteer rescue workers, law enforcement, and others planned and participated to put this event on and remind each of us to pay attention to the task of driving every second when operating a motor vehicle.

The medical helicopter arrives on scene.

Principal Marchini speaks with Senator Rafferty. Chris Mulhall from Rep. Corbin's office was also in attendance.

OJR Board Member, Mr. Doug Hughes, describes what happens in a trauma center and asks students to be safe.

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s Cruisin’ Smart Program speaker is transparent about her past mistakes which led to lifetime injuries.
Senator John Rafferty tells students, "We pass tough laws to protect you, so that each of you may have a bright future."