Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Owen J. Roberts Students Excel in Problem Solving Competition

This past week three teams of students from Owen J. Roberts competed in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals competition.  The contest was held on the campus of Michigan State University and included teams from over a dozen nations and states from across the country.  The Owen J. Roberts School District competed in the structural engineering division and was represented in three levels of competition, elementary, middle, and high school. 

All three of the teams representing our school district finished the contest by placing in the top ten in their division.  Our high school team finished in 6th place, the middle school team earned a 7th place finish, and students from East Vincent took 8th place honors.  At the campus each of our district teams competed directly with over forty teams that had earned their way to Michigan by winning either a state or national championship.  Hundreds of teams were eliminated from the contest earlier in the year having lost at their regional or state contests.  The competition at the event was fierce and the Owen J. teams rose to meet the challenge.

Overall, each of our Owen J. teams finished this Odyssey season ranking in the top 1% of all the competing school districts.  A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to:

Our high school Odyssey team: Makenzie Briglia, Caroline Rajtik, Maddie Matarazzo, Ethan Conway, George Kullen, Alex Glasier, and Liam Conway.

Our middle school team:  Kasey Fitch, Annie Arditi, Maddie Braun, Emily Glasier, Jeanie Tokay, Olivia Devol, and Lauren McLaughlin.

The East Vincent Team: Nick Wood, Charlie Kullen, Charlotte Camp, Jen Plasha, Sofia Loiaconno, Addy D’Arcy, and Sarah Ewing.

Thanks to all of these students for representing our school district in these competitions!

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