Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bioswale Hands-on Learning

South Coventry Township had a problem area at Connie Batdorf Park. A 2500 square-foot, low-lying area was not draining water.

On Wednesday, September 23, 24 horticulture students filled the area with 3,000 plants including iris, sedge, bee balm and asters to create a bioswale. A bioswale is a more eye appealing and natural answer to concrete gutters to allow flood control. The project helped the township and community, but also allowed students to learn about bioswale through direct experience.

South Coventry Township won a mini grant from the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation in a park contest this summer which funded the plants. Mrs. Millie Donnell, South Coventry Township Supervisor and staffer and OJR alumnus, Mr. Kevin Wright, reached out to horticulture teacher, Mrs. Peg Tinder for help with the project. "Getting help with the labor was key to the success of the project," offered Mrs. Donnell.

The bioswale will offer flood protection for the park and a solution to standing water. The students were excited that their work will not only add beauty, but help make the park safer and and more visually appealing. Bioswales reduce sediment load and other possible pollutants from natural water sources.


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