Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Elementary Art Students Raise Money for the Coventry Food Pantry

Last year, the High School Art Club Students came down to all 5 elementary schools to conduct “Art Jams”, after-school sessions where High School students mentored elementary art students. 4th, 5th and 6th grade students learned to make plates with impressed designs in them.

These plates were fired and glazed during the Elementary Art classes. Each student kept one plate and donated the other to be sold at The Owen J. Roberts Craft Fair in March. The remainders were sold at the Elementary Art Shows in May.

Students were aware at every step of the process that their art work would help people in need. They raised $500 which was donated to the Coventry Food Pantry (formerly North Coventry Food Pantry). The Coventry Food Pantry serves people that experience food insecurity throughout our district.

Carol Gilligan of the Food Pantry Says: “We  have a "weekend backpack program" that was started two years ago with funding from the state.  We are now on our own to fund this program so your generous donation will help us fill these special backpacks.  THANK YOU!!"

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