Thursday, February 4, 2016

Art Goes to School

Your child may have had a museum experience in his or her own art class! Check out the works he or she may have explored at:
Art Goes to School (AGTS) is a nonprofit organization that for the past 50 years has worked to present a wide-ranging, rotating portfolio of art to the Delaware Valley’s elementary students. 

The Owen J Roberts Art Goes to School chapter is one of over 50 school districts that participate in the program. Owen J Roberts School District has participated for more than 30 years bringing the richness of visual arts appreciation to all of our elementary schools.

Art Goes to School is staffed exclusively by volunteers. AGTS volunteers start each new school year by researching pieces from rotating portfolios and presenting findings to fellow members. Then, we bring some of that knowledge back to the District's elementary classrooms in the form of Art Appreciation seminars. The greater AGTS membership gathers several times a year to share ideas and information sometimes visiting various art venues (occasionally with free, exclusive access).

The 2016 Owen J Roberts School District Portfolio includes the following works:

ARTIST                                                                       PAINTING
Pablo Picasso                                                        Family of altimbanques
Pierre-Auguste Renoir                                          Girl with Watering Can
Ancient Egyptian (Artists Unknown)                   Mummy Case of Lady Teshat
Quentin Metsys                                                     Money Lender
Edward Hicks                                                        Peaceable Kingdom
Paul Cezanne                                                         House at Aix-en-Provence...
Andre Derain                                                         Banks of the Seine
Pablo Picasso                                                         Still Life with Compote
MC Escher                                                             Bond of Union
Marc Chagall                                                         Self Portrait with White...
Lyonel Feininger                                                   Yellow Street II
Agnes Tait                                                              Skating in Central Park
Leon Bellefleur                                                      Le Poisson dans la Ville
Henry Moore                                                         Family Group, 1948
Rene Magritte                                                        The Empire of Light
MC Escher                                                             Angels and Devils...
Wayne Theibaud                                                    Cake Counter
Alexander Calder                                                   The Man
David Guinn                                                           Welcome to the Neighborhood

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