Monday, March 14, 2016

Author Once a Wildcat

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Mr. Skip Winter enjoyed telling Middle School students that he played Wildcat basketball with Mr. Corbin Stoltzfus during his middle and high school career at Owen J. Roberts. He also told students, "I didn't realize how important Language Arts was when I was your age." He went on to encourage students to apply themselves to be strong communicators.

Mr. Winter reported that his comic book series, Unit 5, is the only cause-related comic book in the world. He continually gives back to first responders.

The Unit 5 website describes the comic series background, "September 11th 2001 was an ominous day in U.S history. However, it became the turning point in the fight against global terror. Founded by the United States Government and born out of the personal tragedies of 5 extraordinary individuals. Each with deep ties to ground zero, Unit 5 was born."

Mr. Winter met with the entire 7th and 8th grades in the morning, then conducted smaller, breakout groups later in the day.

Students were especially eager to hear where Mr. Winter had gone to elementary school. He attended both East Vincent and East Coventry Elementary Schools. He graduated from Owen J. Roberts High School in 1989.

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