Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Congratulations Citadel Nominees

The Citadel Heart of Learning Award is a nationally-recognized program through Citadel Banking and the Chester County Intermediate Unit. The award is designed to honor and thank Chester County’s teachers while raising awareness of the impact on students, families, and the entire community. This year over 2700 nominations were received.
Ms. Natalie Smith, 2016 Citadel Finalist, accepts the award at the High School
 On February 24, 2016 Citadel representatives awarded High School teacher, Ms. Natalie Smith, the Citadel Heart of Learning Finalist Award for Owen J. Roberts School District.  Ms. Smith will receive a $500 award to purchase supplies or other items for his classroom.  An excerpt from one of the nominations describing outstanding kindness Ms. Smith demonstrated to students was read.  Ms. Smith complimented the entire High School staff by saying, “Twelve years ago I made a decision to join the Owen J. Roberts team. It was the best decision I could ever have made both professionally and personally because I get to work with so many talented and helpful people.”
On May 3, 2016, finalists from all school districts in Chester County will gather at the award banquet  for final awards.
Congratulations to the following Owen J. Roberts School District staff members who were nominees:
Joanna Abramson
Clifford Hall
Kaitlyn Roderick
Robin Allen
Deb Harvey
Shelby Roland
Adrienne Andres
Jenn Heckler
John Sands
Lisa Bealer
Jason Hess
Emily Sassaman
Kelly Beaver
Mark Hofer
Lori Scheib
Katherine Bell
Amanda Holmes
Kris Schwab
Amber Benson
Brittany Iacono
Kristen Schwenk
Elizabeth Bevan
Tiffany Ianello
Elizabeth Seiler
Stacia Bickell
Paula Jackson
Karlen Senseny
Mark Bilodeau
Patty Janda
Ashley Sergas
Kevin Bott
Peter Kelly
Jessica Shebelsky
Leah Braun
Melissa Kent
Casey Smith
Matthew Brewer
Elaine Kindl
Eric Smith
Bryan Burtnett
Joe Kirtner
Natalie Smith
Amy Christman
Allison Kulp
Shawna Smith-Wentzel
Lauren Clementoni
Linda Laird
Michelle Soloman
Tanya Clemens
Brad Lamison
Tom Sonnenberg
Kristin Colfer
Timothy Lewis
Brian Sponagle
Lindsay Cooney
Marc Lieberson
Marisa Stoltzfus
Adria Creswell
Susan Lloyd
Julie Taney
Brad Creswell
Alvin Lynch
Erin Taylor
William Crowl
Tim Marcoe
Michael Uhas
Anna DePaol
Amanda Martin
Sybil Vernon
Marcy Dunn
Meghan Maurer
Tania Vogel
Paul Durn
Laura Nesley
Daryl Walmer
Ingrid Fake
Dawn Newswanger
Susan Wendel
Joe Faust
Lori Palmer
Chris Wittlinger
Julie Feldman
Christopher Palochak
Andrew Worley
Noah Fickler
Elizabeth Palumbo
Meg Wrubel
Erin Flexner
Diane Pastella
Erin Wydrzynski
Shelly Flick
Joseph Perry
Amanda Yoder
Jeremy Fox
Judy Poley
Jonathan Yoder
Joe Gallagher
Danielle Ponto
Carly Youngblood
Laura Gerstenberg
Linda Price
Eric Zalesky
Kimberly Gery
Patrice Reiche
Elizabeth Zehren
Lindsay Hale
Heather Reynolds


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