Thursday, March 10, 2016

Congratulations to Science Research Awardees

OJRSD Award Winners from CCSRC 2016
            Dr. Lucy Balian Rorke-Adams Fair on March 7, 2016  (grades 6 – 12)
            Dr. Jonas Salk Fair on March 8, 2016 (grades 4 – 5)

East Coventry:
Maggie Walker – Distinguished Honors in Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ava Clemson – High Honors in Botany
Matthew DiCarlo – Distinguished Honors in Computer Science
                                   The Richard and Patti Smith Innovation in Science Award
Veer Kakar – Honors in Environmental Science

East Vincent:
Blake Fisher *
Caedmon Read *
Aman Pothakamury – High Honors in Biochemistry
Evan Finger – High Honors in Chemistry
Aiden Murray – Distinguished Honors in Engineering
                             The Richard and Patti Smith Excellence in Engineering Award
                                Best of Show – 3rd Place
Simone Bollinger – Distinguished Honors in Environmental Science
                                   Excellence in Environmental Science, sponsored by the Redding Family
Christian Caroll and Reilly Koitzsch – Distinguished Honors for Team Projects

French Creek:
Sonya Soeder *
Dysen Neill – Distinguished Honors in Botany
                        The Richard and Patti Smith Bright Ideas in Botany Award

North Coventry:
Lauren Koster – High Honors in Physics
Karly Kephart – High Honors in Zoology
                             The Dave Jarvie Award for Life Sciences

West Vincent:
Lydia Kronengold *
Logan Cheney *
Sarah Zhang *
Liam Sanders and Blake Brennan *
Charlotte McQuillan – Honors in Behavioral and Social Sciences
Kate Rowe – Honors in Chemistry
Eskander Bierman – Honors in Consumer Science
Cooper Bryan – High Honors in Consumer Science
                             The Science Kit Center “Science in Action” Award
Joey Kish – Distinguished Honors in Consumer Science
Joshua Zhang – Honors in Consumer Science
Ashley Coughlin – Honors in Mathematics

Middle School:
Kendra Melniczek *
Eirene Munson *
Matthew Saylor *
Jordan Mulford *
Michelle Surine *
Zoszia Zabrenski *

High School:
Jonathan Arditi *
Kaitlyn Fluharty and Audrey Farnham *

* denotes students that participated in the Rorke Fair (grades 6 – 12) and will receive their awards at a ceremony on March 17

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