Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Girls in Medicine

Mia Flavin with her parents

Mia Flavin, grade 9, was selected for the Girls in Medicine Program sponsored by The Clinic in Phoenixville. Mia recently accepted the award on behalf of the Clinic and is excited about the opportunity.

According to the clinic's website:

The Girls in Medicine Program is a one-year enrichment program for highly motivated and talented high school girls interested in pre-medicine and healthcare careers.
During the summer healthcare intensive, participants attend medical lectures, complete a CPR/First Aid Certification Course, and experience clinical rotations at Phoenixville Hospital and Paoli Hospital. The clinical curriculum focuses on cardiology, emergency medicine, gynecology, pediatric, and physical therapy – just to name a few. The leadership curriculum focuses on confidence and self-esteem. Upon completion of the summer intensive, participants develop individual health projects or research projects in their school or community environment with the guidance of their assigned mentor. Participants continue to explore healthcare careers by attending monthly online medical lectures and representing The Clinic at community events. For participants interested in expanding their hands on experience, they may apply for volunteer opportunities working at Phoenixville Hospital during after-school and weekend hours in areas such as Pediatrics, Emergency Room, and other administrative departments at the hospital. At the end of the year, participants will present their findings and experience to a panel of medical and public health professionals.
  • Courses taught by top medical leaders in the area
  • Study at Paoli Hospital and Phoenixville Hospital Facilities
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Medical Research and Presentation skills
  • Resume Building Opportunity
  • Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
  • Leadership Role as Health Ambassador


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