Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ed Foundation Supports FCS Class Gardens

The Owen J. Roberts Middle School family consumer science program educates students on the importance of nutrition. Students extensively discuss the role food plays in overall wellness—physical, mental, and emotional health.  Students are often using organic ingredients in the kitchen to make simple recipes from scratch that they are able to take home and recreate for their families. 

This year, Mrs. Erica Thomas, was awarded a grant from the Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation to purchase raised bed growing containers called VegTrugs, along with frames and covers which may be used in cold weather growing.  The covers will act as a greenhouse to extend the growing season into the early winter months and start planting earlier in the spring season.  Local soil & compost was generously donated by Arborganics Acres, a premium composting company located in North Coventry Township, for each of the VegTrugs for nutrient-dense soil.  

Students were excited to fill the VegTrugs and start planting. Success will be determined by students trying new and exciting vegetables in recipes in the family consumer science kitchens and taking that knowledge home with them to grow their own vegetables. 

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