Friday, May 13, 2016

Mighty Mia

In February 2016, West Vincent Elementary School 4th grader, Mia Marchesani, was diagnosed with cancer.  Since then she has undergone procedures, started chemotherapy, lost all her hair, and been back and forth to CHOP on a weekly, if not daily basis.  Through it all, Mia has been coming to school when she is feeling well enough, and trying her best to maintain a normal 4th grade routine.  Teachers, staff, friends, and family have shown their support by purchasing “Bee Mighty” bracelets and “Mighty Mia” gear and apparel.  A percentage, if not all of the proceeds have been donated to support cancer research at CHOP. 
Mia’s “Bee Mighty” and “Mighty Mia” signs of support must be doing something right.  On Monday April 4th Mia went in for an MRI to learn that the chemotherapy has been doing its job, and that there has been significant improvement.  West Vincent Elementary reports that they are all happy and thrilled to come together as a school and community to support their hero, Mia Marchesani.     

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