Thursday, July 28, 2016

Working as Engineers

 Above: students test a balsa wood structure withstanding a weight of 85 pounds before the structure failed.

With all the patience to test, fail, and re-try with a positive attitude, students in Engineer's Think Tank camp wrapped up their second week by testing designs! There were paper planes that were aerodynamic and sound enough for indoor flight, balsa towers that could withstand massive trauma, and Lego robots programmed to do a variety of tasks. Put to the test, some missions passed, while others needed to be reworked. Students learned to support one another and work collaboratively through the process and evaluations.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Conrad Sager to Perform in All-National Honor Choir

The nation's top performing high school musicians will gather in Grapevine, Texas November 10-13 for the NAfME (National Association for Music Education) All-Honors Ensemble performances. Rising Senior, Conrad Sager, was selected for the All-National Honor Choir by audition. The ensembles are scheduled to be a complete musical and educational experience for each student.

The guest conductor for the Mixed Choir is Dr. Anton Armstrong, Tosdale Professor of Music at St. Olaf College.

Congratulations to Conrad for earning this amazing opportunity.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Art Exploration and Expression

In Art Camp: Traditionally and Unusually Made Art, students experimented with abstract art. After learning about the processes of the iconic Jackson Pollock, students played with color on canvas using a paint drip method. This style of action painting gave students an opportunity to express themselves with color, pattern, and balance.

As part of the camp, which ran from July 18 through the 21st, students explored many different mediums while creating a range of art incorporating fine arts such as sculpture, printmaking, signage, painting, and even garden art.

Through manipulation of materials and unique combinations, students were able to touch upon many styles of art such as abstract, folk, and whimsy.  Odd materials, tools, processes, and an opportunity to create were all provided for the creative and experimental artist.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Engineer's Think Tank

Students who love to build, design, and experiment are taking part in Engineer's Think Tank this week and next. Many of these students have some experience working with Lego Robotics or building sturdy structures and are ready to take their engineering skills to the next

Students in ENGINEER’s THINK TANK are participating in activities to improve robot design, programming, spontaneous problem solving, wooden structure design, and teamwork skills.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Exploring Art-making

Arts and Crafts Camp, designed for OJR students who completed grades 1 and 2, was held at French Creek Elementary School, July 11-14. As they pursued a variety of types of art-making, students also learned about artists, cultures and traditions which inspire art.
Students learned how pachyderms are elevated to an art form at an annual festival in Jaipur, India. After, they created their own Elephant Parade art.
Students show off a variety of art projects

Artists at work

Students explored a variety of materials

Demonstrating the art of felting

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Skewered Balloons and Zucchini Zoodles

Fun in the summer! Fun with science!

Balloon Skewer Success

Some worked. Some did not. Everybody had an opportunity for multiple tries.

Zucchini "Zoodles" will be steamed and served with Avocado Pesto

Building culinary capacity in youth

Veggie Ribbons

Mento Geyser Experiment

Can a noodle be something other than a strip of pasta? Is it possible to pierce a balloon without popping it? Does the type of soda affect the results of the Geyser when adding Mentos?

These are some of the types of questions being answered in our Summer Learning Series this week.