Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homecoming Spirit Week

Photos by HS Senior Correspondent, Hannah Foster

It is homecoming week and the high school has each day planned as a way to demonstrate unity and pride. Then annual celebration becomes a bit of a competition between the grades with seniors having a slight experience advantage. The class with the most spirit will be announced at the Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday.
American Day

Made in the USA!

Bucktown Day

We love Bucktown, USA
 Monday was America Day – Red, White & Blue –  

Tuesday was Bucktown Day – Camo, flannels, and boots galore…

Wednesday is senior/junior vs. sophomore/freshman day!  If you have a Sr or Jr. homeroom you have WACKY WEDNESDAY and if you’re a sophomore/freshman then you have WELL-DRESSED WEDNESDAY  How wacky or fancy is UP TO YOU! No homeroom...choose your fav. 

Thursday is Holiday Day– You choose what Holiday is your favorite and go for it. Decorate yourself!  Pick holiday colors.  Dig through your holiday boxes of decorations...I bet that ugly sweater would look good w/ jeans...just sayin'
Photos by Hannah Foster

Friday – this is the easiest of all…it’s our Homecoming RED & WHITE  OUT! 

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