Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Word Detectives

District first grade students have been working on a reading unit which taps into the power of play. Students are moving into reading texts with increased complexity. To encourage early readers to tackle challenges, they are invited to play “word detectives”. The reading unit supports word-solving skills in a way that feels playful. 

Students learn to locate difficult words and use what they already know to solve those words. Then, the focus shifts to high-frequency words. As their bank of frequency words grows, they can use those words to help solve newly encountered words. Finally, readers look closely at words and apply phonics knowledge to solve words. The unit will culminate with the opportunity to use word-solving skills to solve a mystery in class.

Dr. Monaghan, K-12 Supervisor of Instruction and Language Arts, recently visited first grade classes to rally readers to take on the challenge of becoming word detectives to use everything they know to solve any reading problems.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Steppin' it up with the Turkey

Steppin' up: Mr. Famous' class won the Turkey Trot Challenge
With construction of a new school, East Vincent Elementary has had to make some adaptations to the annual Turkey Trot, which invites student to move more. Dubbed "Turkey Trot Under Construction", students competed by using pedometers and running in place for one minute. The competition was over a three day time period. Steps were tallied up for each class by the event coordinator, school nurse, Linda Kinneary. Collectively, the students took enough steps over the three days to run a marathon!

The winning class received a dance party complete with a yogurt bar paid for by the wellness grant through Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation.

Outstanding Music News

As a result of the PMEA District 12 Instrumental Auditions, four Owen J. Roberts High School Band students recently advanced to the next level of competition. Congratulations to the following students: 
Emma Flinchbaugh (11th grade – flute), Melinda Burns (11th grade – bass clarinet), Daniel Horning (11th grade – trumpet), and David Bicer (12th grade – trombone).

Hats off to another talented music student,  Daniel DiMarino, who has qualified on violin for the 2017 All Eastern Festival which is sponsored by NAfME ( National Association for Music Education).

Congratulations to Conrad Sager, who as a result of his very successful re-audition at All-State Choir last year (2015-2016), has qualified for participation in the NAfME All-Eastern Choir in April of 2017.Conrad recently participated in the prestigious All-National Choir in Texas just a few weeks ago.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Congratulations Orchestra and Choral Students

Congratulations to students who competed this past weekend in the District 12 Orchestra and Choral competitions. Hundreds of students from public and private schools in all of Chester County, Delaware County and parts of Philadelphia were auditioned this past Saturday. 

The following students have qualified for PMEA District 12 Orchestra:

Daniel DiMarino, 3rd Place, 1st Violin
Madeleine Simmons, 8th Place, Cello
Emma Flinchbaugh, 4th Place , Flute
Daniel Horning, 1st place, Trumpet

In addition, thirteen Owen J. Roberts students qualified for PMEA District 12 Chorus.
Students must place within the top 20 to qualify:

Daniel DiMarino, 1st Place, Bass1
Rebecca Emery, 1st Place, Tenor 1
Kaiden Roberts, 2nd Place, Alto 1
Madison Frederick, 4th Place, Alto 1
Cheyenne Hails, 5th Place, Soprano 2
Alena Feldman, 7th Place, Soprano 2
Robin Mailum, 10th Place, Tenor 1
Cassandra Marks, 11th Place, Alto 1
Jordan Roach, 11th Place, Bass 1
Lucas Gray, 16th Place, Bass 1
Emily Reitz, 17th Place, Soprano 2
Maxwell Gallagher, 18th Place, Tenor 1
Michael Maher, 20th Place, Tenor 1