Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thinking in Code, Part Two

EC kindergarteners learn that an algorithm is step by step operations (directions) needed to reach a goal. 

Kinesthetic Coding - EC kinders "walk the algorithm" on a large scale path where students used direction words (up, down, left, right) to reach the end goal, which is stepping on each paw print on the path.
EC's first activity was called "Follow the Wildcat Way."  The children created an algorithm using paper and pencil to work through a series of boxes and recording the steps needed to reach each paw print.

East Coventry kindergarten

French Creek Elementary received a Education Foundation mini grant to purchase coding books.

FC students play Osmo - a groundbreaking system fostering social intelligence and creative thinking

Mrs. Kent's FC class engages in Hour of Code
Owen J. Roberts students are learning programming throughout the year in various ways. Learning computer coding skills help structure problem solving skills, and can often help students learn to streamline necessary activities. During National Computer Science Week, December 5 - 9, Owen J. Roberts students had extra coding opportunities by participating in the National Hour of Code.
Mrs. Jen Armstrong's seventh grade engaged in coding activities including Java and Python.
Mrs. Armstrong decorated her room like a party to signify how much fun programming can be.

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