Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Exploring Careers in Holistic Vet Care

On January 4-5, 2017, Ms. Mowrer's Owen J. Roberts Animal Studies students had the opportunity to explore careers in veterinary care with visiting veterinarian, Dr. Julie Oswald, from Warwick. Dr. Oswald is an OJRHS alumnus.

Dr. Oswald informed students of her path through college to veterinary career, offering students options to consider in holistic veterinary services. Dr. Oswald specializes in acupuncture and herbal medicine and discussed emerging veterinary specialties in massage therapy, physical therapy and aqua therapy.    
Students were able to learn about international schooling options and were eager to hear about her education and career path, which included study in Scotland, UK. Dr. Oswald also explained a bit about school accreditation and licensing routes. 
Dr. Oswald demonstrates acupuncture on her dog
Some students were already considering vet school and wondered about acceptance possibilities. There was dialogue about prerequisites, majors and experience. Dr. Oswald encouraged students to work with animals in as many ways as possible telling them to get involved as early as possible. “There is a lot of value to volunteer work, especially in areas of exotic specialties,” she informed.

Students left class with additional knowledge of veterinary career opportunities which they may not otherwise have considered and also better understanding of how to navigate the schooling necessary to achieve specific career interests.

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