Monday, April 3, 2017

Coding Crew Teams Place

Congratulations to Owen J. Roberts High School’s Coding Crew (Computer Science Club) on their 2nd and 3rd place finish in Chester County Intermediate Unit’s PA Computer Fair’s High School Programming category.   The advisor is Ms. Gloria Razga Houseman, and the teams consist of:

2nd Place: CCIU HS Computer Fair 2017: Programming
     Team: Playmakerz Plus
     Members:  Ahmed Alveed, Ryder Defibaugh, Jake Iyoob

3rd Place: CCIU HS Computer Fair 2017: Programming
     Team:  Changing the World with Friendly Competition
     Members: Sam Coroniti, Ben Diamond, Josh Diamond

Also participating:
     Team:  Premium Password Protection
     Members: Joe Taylor, Dante Carroll, Justin Schwenk

Thanks also to the following who represented those team members who were not able to attend and for their help with the poster board displays:
     Evan Bratton
     Dom Carroll
     Beckett Houck

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