Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Results

French Creek's Third Place at World's

This past week, in East Lansing, Michigan, five teams of students from Owen J. Roberts competed in the world finals of creative problem solving at Michigan State University. All of our competing students worked hard in preparation for representing our district in this competition.

CHEERS to our French Creek Elementary team; Ava Burnheimer, Sarah Cass, Nicholas Cerimele, Grace Dales, Anya Groth, Sophia Lineman, Brooke Radel, and coached by Ms. Pam Yarbrough, for their third place finish in the contest that included a field of 54 teams from across our country and around the world! OUTSTANDING WORK!

Other competing district teams also had strong showings in East Lansing.
  • ·       East Vincent finished in the top ten at number 9. 
  • ·       The East Coventry team placed at number 11 out of a field of 68 teams.
  • ·        Our high school students sat in 12th place after the competition.
  •     The students representing our middle school ended their season in 22nd place out of the 55 teams competing in their division.
A big thank you to all of our Odyssey students and their coaches for their hard-work and dedication to this endeavor.  GO OWEN J!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Cadets Assist Vets at Air Show

JROTC Cadets from Owen J. Roberts and Daniel Boone School Districts will partner with a local VA Clinic and assisted living communities to benefit resident Armed Forces Veterans.

On June 2, 2017, Daniel Boone Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Cadets and Owen J. Roberts Navy JROTC Cadets will have the distinguished privilege of meeting a number of US Service Veterans from local VA Clinics and assisted living communities. These Cadets will form the second annual Wheelchair Brigade which will enable several WWII and Korean War Veterans to attend the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s 27th Annual World War II Weekend Air Show.


School Board Recognizes Outstanding Athletes

 On Monday, May 22, 2017, at the regular business meeting of the Board of School Directors for Owen J. Roberts School District, several groups of students were recognized for their achievements.
  •  Congratulations was made to the High School Girls Lacrosse Team for winning the PAC Championship:
                   Rachel Arp Ryleigh Kqira
  Laura Brigandi Shelley Kriczky
  Kylie Cahill Lillian Kull
  Rory Cahill Sydney Kurtz
  Francesca Carroll Julia Lamb
  Anna Dempsey Charlotte Lasak
  Natalie Distefano Anna Lavelle
  Sydney Drumheller Olivia LeClaire
  Molly Fedick Haley Livingston
  Elioise Gebert Megan McGee
  Annemarie Giandonato Cassandra Messinger
  Caroline Hall Cassandra Micklesavage
  Claire Hampton Sophia Murray
  Deprise Hoopes Veronica Roach
  Cayden Jarvis Rachel Sharpe
  Kelsey Kilgallon Danika Swech
  Madeline Koury Mia Tornetta

Thanks to Coach Joe Tornetta and Assistant Coaches Maureen Field and Maddie Craig for their dedication to the lacrosse team. (photo below)

  • Congratulation were given to the High School Girls Track & Field Team for winning the PAC Championship:
                 Annaliese Ackerman
Carly Jennion
  Paige Aldred
Heidi Joyce
  Madysen Alvaro
Emma Kircher
  Marianna Ambrogi
Kennedy Kollar
  Katelyn Bernotas
Hannah Kopec
  Mary Bernotas
Mackenzie Kurtz
  Brinley Beveridge
Lindsey LaFountain
  Paige Biedronski
Taylor LaFountain
  Elizabeth Braaksma
Jane Lasak
  Allison Brunton
Charley Lustig
  Winona Burley-Desir
Kylee MacLeod
  Juliana Capece
Zaria McDonough
  Haley Cargo
Meghan McLean
  Alexis Carr
Kendall McNeff
  Grace Chamberlain
Kenzie Milne
  Shaylan Cobb
Jordan Mulford
  Erin Cooper
Samantha Muntzer
  Mackenzie Davis
Teneisha Myers
  Rowen Donnelly
Mikayla Niness
  Angela Feiser
Melissa Orr
  Corrin Ferrizzi
Hannah Pugh
  Emily Flamino
Ava Resnick
  Olivia Foden
Carly Resnick
  Linette Fogwell
Caterina Rigobianco
  Mary Fogwell
Isabella Rovito
  Delaney Frederick
Emily Sabatino
  Madeline Friel
Savanna Sachar
  Josephine Funaro
Autumn Sands
  Madison Gadzicki
Avery Sapp
  Bridget Gallagher
Isabella Shakour
  Mary Gautreau
Morgan Shronk
  Grace German
Cassidy Skilton
  Alexis Getley
Sarah Tabatabaei
  Alexandra Glasier
Gabrielle Tamburro
  Emily Hansell
Sharai Taylor
  Olivia Harmanos
Emma Torak
  Stephanie Heighton
Lily Wagner
  Erica Hild
Lena Weinsteiger
  Lauren Hughes
Lea Wunderlich
  Bailey Hunt

Thanks to Coach Tim Marcoe and Assistant Coaches Tom Barr, David Cain, Kevin Kirby, Patrice Mullen and Eric Wentzel for their dedication to the track team. (photo below)

 Congratulations was also given to the High School Boys Tennis PAC Doubles Champions Brandon Miller and Holden Smith and to  Holden Smith for his PAC Singles Championship.  Thanks to Coach Jerry Styer and Assistant Coach Mike Fritz for their dedication to the tennis team. (photos below)

School Board Recognizes DECA

On Monday, May 22, 2017, at the regular business meeting of the Board of School Directors for Owen J. Roberts School District, several groups of students were recognized for their achievements.

  • Congratulations were extended to high school DECA students for competing in the DECA International Competition. In addition, Mr. Bryan Burtnett was thanked for his dedication to the program.
    *Finished in Top 10 at the International Competition

            Jonathan Arditi Heidi Joyce
Jackson Braun Katie Kerlin
Julia Brennan Austin Koury
Laura Brigandi Matt Lewis
Liam Conway * Claudia Schneider
Jillian Dracup Holden Smith
Dan Duffy * Emily Stoner
Mia Flavin Sarah Tabatabaei
Lucas Gray * Courtney Thomson
Olivia Harmanos Jennifer Weston
Emily Haverstick Madeline Zarkoski

Thursday, May 25, 2017

MS Special Olympics Activities

Welcoming our Middle School Special Olympians!

Today, the Owen J. Roberts Middle School Special Olympic Athletes competed in an indoor activity in some of their chosen events. Due to weather (two separate rain outs), for the first time in 16 years, the county Special Olympics event for today was cancelled.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Will Serve Our Country

Congratulations to following graduates of the Class of 2017 for serving and protecting our country through our armed forces:

  • Tyler Albano - United States Army
  • Branden Gould - PA Army National Guard
  • Stephanie Heighton - United States Army
  • Natasha A. Kloskinski - United States Air Force
  • Matthew Magee - United States Marine Corps
  • Ryan Martin - United States Marine Corps
  • Molly Ortlip - PA Army National Guard
  • Samuel Alexander Perry
  • Jakob Stuber - United States Coast Guard
  • Joseph Taylor - PA Army National Guard
Students were recognized at the Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors Regular  Business Meeting on Monday, May 22, 2017. The Board and audience gave the students a standing ovation.

Post-Season Athletic News

Wildcat Update from Desk of Ralph Bretz

- The Girl's Lacrosse team lost in the District One AAA semi-finals to Conestoga High School on 5/23/ in a tough game with a final score of  9-8.  They will play in the 3rd/4th place game here at OJR at 6 pm on Thursday evening (5/25/17) .

- The Softball team won last evening over Upper Darby HS in the 1st round of the District 6A playoffs 14-4 in 6 innings. They will have a quick turnaround and play in the 2nd round of the playoffs this afternoon at 4pm at North Penn HS. Good Luck to the girls in their quest for a District One title.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Class of 2017 Valedictorian and Salutatorians

Bottom: Ciera McFarland, Jane Lasak, Justin Cervi, Conrad Sager and Raya Pezzillo
 Top: Catherine Booth, Beth Seiler, Erin Sanchez and Natalie Smith 

Congratulation to Owen J. Roberts High School Class of 2017 Valedictorian Justin Cervi and to Salutatorians Jane Lasak, Conrad Sager, Ciera McFarland, and Raya Pezzillo.

In what has become a tradition at Owen J. Roberts School District, the Valedictorian and Salutatorians chose teachers of influence who introduced the students to the audience. The students shared comments about what made that teacher important to them and students revealed the characteristics they valued in the teachers.

NC Student Designs TOMS® for Disability Awareness

In an effort to bring higher levels of awareness to students of ALL abilities, The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) partnered with schools so that students might participate in a fun, artistic challenge. In honor of Disability Awareness Month, the CCIU held a TOMS® shoe design contest.  

Mr. Tom Sonnenberg, art teacher at North Coventry Elementary School, worked with students to encourage them to design a pair of TOMS® canvas shoes that represents the awareness, acceptance, and celebration of persons of all abilities. Each school participating in the contest was able to more forward one top design to the CCIU for placement in an online contest. About 20 designs were featured in the final round. North Coventry sixth grade student, Kaylee Uba, won the county-wide contest. Her design was brought to life by artist Kelsy Amy, a custom shoe painter (http://www.shmecustoms.com/). 

At the Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors Regular Business Meeting, Ms. Anita Riccio, Assistant Director of Student Services, presented the custom shoes to Kaylee in her size. Mr. Sonnenberg and North Coventry Elementary School Principal Dr. Susan Lloyd stood by Kaylee as her work was presented in front of a large crowd.