Friday, October 13, 2017

Building Strong Community

Students learn to work as a team to fill buckets and build positive emotions
West Vincent Elementary has continued the important work of building strong community. Last year, school staff began a mentor program which would help students feel connected to adults and allow them to work on important relationship skills. They are continuing that program reminding students of last year’s theme “filling buckets” while introducing and working on a new key theme, “the power of yet”. Students have been introduced to the growth-mindset power-of-yet concept in multiple ways in their classrooms. Books such as “Giraffes Can’t Dance”, “The Dot”, and “Bubble Gum Brain” became platforms for launching conversations about how to embrace differences and allow for personal growth.
Students search for ways to cooperate, making their work more joyful

Students find encouragement helps a team reach a common goal
 On October 17-18, 2017, students met by grade level in the gymnasium for fun and active learning activities geared toward helping students master social emotional skills. Mrs. Sarah Weber, Guidance Counselor, utilized social emotional toolkits created by Thom Stecher and Associates to teach concepts such as trust, cooperation, respect, sharing, achievement, differences, mistakes and loss. The toolkits were created using the latest research and were purchased for West Vincent through a grant from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation. The tools were developed to create learning through play, creativity, and problem-solving.
This activity helps teach skills students need to build a support system
Students discover encouragement is more fun than criticism; teamwork is more fun that working alone

All West Vincent students met with their mentor groups on October 18. Each group worked on a different activity. Some groups began by reading a book, while others plunged right into a game.That evening, Mr. Thom Stecher and Associates engage parents in a conversation about the commitment of creating a socially, emotionally intelligent community.
Principal Smith facilitates an Escape Room activity with his mentor group
This mentor group practices cooperation building a paper tower

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  1. What a great school this seems to be. Virtually every child in every photo has a big smile!