Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 26 School Board Meeting Highlights

Staff and Student Recognitions February 26, 2018

At the regular business meeting of the Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors on Monday, February 26, 2018, many students and staff were honored for their accomplishments.

Congratulations were made to Middle School Art Teacher, Mrs. Lisa Duffy, for being selected by the Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) for their Art Room of the Month.

Please click on the following link to see some of the wonderful artwork our students have created:

Several teachers were also honored as 2018 Keystone Innovators. Keystone Technology Innovators is a state-wide program for classroom teachers who fully utilize the many benefits technology to improve instructional practices across his/her content areas. In doing this, the teacher does not focus on the technology itself; rather, he or she focuses on student learning and uses technology as a tool to support this end. 

      East Coventry Elementary:  Michelle Romaniello
      East Vincent Elementary:  Danielle Rapp
      French Creek Elementary:  Christa Jones
      North Coventry Elementary:  Katherine Bell
      West Vincent Elementary:  Lindsay Cooney
      OJR Middle School:  Shane Neiffer
      OJR High School:  Jon Yoder

Student Recognition

East Coventry Science Research Competition County Participants
Middle School Spelling Bee County Participants
North Coventry Science Research Competition County Participants
West Vincent Science Research Competition County Participants
Middle School Science Research Competition County Participants
French Creek Science Research Competition County Participants

EV Pipeline Pioneers

NC Watery Wizards of Oz

The Board of School Directors congratulated the following students who qualified to compete in the Chester County Spelling Bee:
        Samantha Koury, East Vincent Elementary School
        Joseph Yannick, North Coventry Elementary School
        Olivia Savochka, West Vincent Elementary School
        Sarah Ewing, Middle School

Thanks were given to coordinators Jennifer Rittenhouse (East Vincent), Carly Youngblood and Shelli Flick (North Coventry) Lynne Ippolito (West Vincent), and Laura Frank (Middle School).

In addition, many students were recognized for advancing to the Chester County Science Research Competition:

            East Coventry Elementary: Jordyn Cardwell,Aidan Burrell, Brendan Esterly,
              Lorien Duske, Kate Derman, Rachael Haldeman, Rory Harmer, Brenna Horger,
        Cameron Hanratty, Abby Kalbach,    Sarah Lang, Preston Nemeth,
            Violet Rosencrance, Troy Swittenburg, Rowan Quinn
        Advisors: Mary-Rita Bonner and Michelle Romaniello      
          East Vincent Elementary: Erin Bolger, Lily Cockerham, Brooke Cano
              Molly Boylan, Kristen Davis, Saachi Chakravarty, Anna Braun,
        Rachel Epps, Alex Hickman, Kelly Righter, Kenny Smith, Emery Horn
            Aurora Swierczek, Chance Weaver, Samantha Koury, Clara Wilson
        Advisors: Megan Kraft and Annmarie Barlow         

            French Creek Elementary: Zachary Bartholomew, Cadence Helms,                      
                Hazel Baur, Alex Mead, Alex Brandt, Sydney Muir, Lukas Deceder,
         Matthew Mulholland, Ryan Decker, Dysen Neill, Andrew de Porry,     
        Rachel Ott, Roman Funaro, Julia Robinson,    
            Lexi Gubanich,     Tyler Sturm, Cassie Harsh
        Advisor: Amy Hess         

            North Coventry Elementary: Jazlynn Campbell, Amelia McPhie                                   
              Kellie Bean, Kristin Colfer, Jordan Herkendaal,    Luke Murray    
               Patty Janda, Lori Palmer, Madison Shirk, Swathi Praveen    
               Kate Spencer, Leo Simmons, Kassidy Williams, Charlotte Wilkes
        Advisors: Lauren Pringle, Nick Zurga, Patty Janda, Lori Palmer,
        Lauren Pringle, Nick Zurga   

            West Vincent Elementary: Amelie Blatz, Nanayaa Baa, Zachary Donaghy     
               Austin Dotsey, Isabelle Cottone, Charlie Erb
            Will Pederson, Ryan Mathews, Hannah Harmanos
            Riley Serfass, Anna Rittman, Owen Lake, Aadit Shah    
        Tanner Williams, Joshua Zhang
        Advisor: Erin Flexnor

              OJR Middle School: Eskander Bierman, Kyle Isleib                                             
              Cooper Bryan, Reilly Koitzsch, Will Cano, Braeden Mathews    
            Ryan Dilello, Ethan Thomson, Lillian Heckler, Clay Zachesky    
            OJR High School: Jonathan Arditi, Paige Aldred
        Advisors: Mark Hofer and Mary-Rita Bonner   

 Congratulations were extended to the following FLL/Robotics Team students for advancing to the Penn FLL Championship Tournament:

             East Vincent Elementary "The Pipeline Pioneers"                                     
        Alex Braun, Jack Snyder, Aman Pothakamury, Kristen Davis
              Casey Davies, Norah Turley, Chance Weaver, Sarah Pomager             
                 Advisor: Carrie Mitton  Asst. Advisor: Amanda DiPasqua         
             North Coventry Elementary "The Watery Wizards of Oz": Kyle Boettcher, Drew Gawronski, McKenna Daily, Gabriel Gonzalez, Gavin Evans, Anya Olsen, Maya Evans, Brady Walker
            Katelyn Fernandez, Keeli Wilson
        Advisor: Patrice Reiche Asst. Advisor:   Patty Janda
Congratulations were bestowed onto Patrice Reiche for receiving the Coach's Award at the FLL State Tournament!

 Thanks were given to Campbell Schanz, Vinny DiMichelle, Thomas Gammon and Logan Richter for mentoring this team.

Tribute to Mr. James Frees

At the regular business meeting of the Owen J. Roberts Board of School Directors on Monday, February 26, 2018, a Resolution of Tribute was made in honor of school board member Mr. James B. Frees, II, who passed away suddenly on February 1, 2018. An official, sealed copy of this action was furnished to Jamie's immediate family at the meeting.

The Honorable Representative Tim Hennessey, attended the meeting to honor Mr. Frees presenting citations from both the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania Senate on behalf of Senator John Rafferty, who was unable to attend.

"Mr. Frees represented many things to many people, among them a beloved family man, dedicated worker and avowed community steward who gave of his heart and time to enhance the quality of life of his family and his community. His inspiring presence and genuine love for his family and friends will live long in the hearts and memories of the many individuals whose lives he touched."

 The Honorable Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania officially submitted a tribute to James B. Frees, II, into Congressional Record recognizing Mr. Frees as a true champion for students and a tireless advocate for educational excellence.

Mrs. Frees promised that Jamie's legacy of support to the students of Owen J. Roberts School District would live on.

Monday, February 26, 2018

26 Move to International DECA

OJR DECA members shine at State competition
Congratulations to the Owen J. Roberts DECA members that competed at the Pennsylvania DECA Competition/ Conference, February 21-23, in Hershey.  These future marketing leaders were selected as the best marketing students out of over 2,300 Pennsylvania DECA members at the competition and will move on to DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of April. 

DECA is the only international student organization operating through public and private schools to attract young people to careers in marketing, merchandising, management, and entrepreneurship.  Its purposes are to teach occupational proficiency, and to promote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive enterprise system. 

The following Owen J. Roberts DECA members received awards at the state competition/conference:

1st Place:  Theo Damiani, Business Services Marketing
1st Place:  Holden Smith, Franchise Business Plan
1st Place:  Dan Duffy and Liam Conway, International Business Plan
1st Place:  Dominic Carroll and Dante Carroll, Sports and Entertainment Operations Research
2nd Place:  Zach Kardos, Retail Marketing Series
2nd Place:  Larissa Kolb and Megan Parsons, Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan
2nd Place:  Matt Snyder and Jen Weston, Financial Operations Research
2nd Place:  Matt Foster, Business Services Operations Research
2nd Place:  Katie Kerlin, Fashion Promotion Plan
3rd Place:  Andrew Malmstrom and Carter Niness, Hospitality Services Team
3rd Place:  Payton Barcus and Alex Glasier, Advertising Campaign
3rd Place:  Julia Brennan and Madeline Zarkoski, Fashion Promotion Plan
3rd Place:  Laura Brigandi, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
3rd Place:  Christina Hoffman, Buying and Merchandising Operations Research
4th Place:  Lucas Gray, Quick Serve Restaurant Management
4th Place:  Mike Dietrich and Graham Pugh, Buying and Merchandising Team
4th Place:  Heidi Joyce and Olivia Harmanos, Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

FINALIST (TOP 6):  Jared Folsom, Automotive Services Marketing
FINALIST (TOP 6):  Michael Giacoponello, Sports and Entertainment Marketing
TOP 3 Roleplay Award:  Annie Arditti, Hotel and Lodging Management
TOP 3 Roleplay Award:  Sriya Jonnadula, Entrepreneurship Individual
TOP 3 Test Award:  Jackson Braun, Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Friday, February 23, 2018

Plant Powered Pupils

A group of plant-hungry pupils approached Family and Consumer Science teacher Ms. Lindsay Hale to start a plant-based cooking club. Ms. Hale agreed to advise the club which was approved and has met twice. This week, they started cooking making fettucine alfredo (vegan variety) using two different recipes which they could compare.  Ms. Hale also made the students Vegan Cashew Cheese they could try. 

Chartwells Director Mrs. Heather Bonner, a registered dietician, plans to meet with the students to discuss nutritional needs to a vegan or vegetarian diet. The Owen J. Roberts Wellness Council is supporting the club with funding used from the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation to buy healthful, whole ingredients for cooking labs. Through participation, students hope to be empowered with healthy behaviors, cooking confidence,  and dietary knowledge.

Enjoy a tested recipe!

Amazing Alfredo

1 cup raw cashews, soaked and drained
2 TBSP pinenuts
1 cup water
4 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp minced garlic
pinch nutmeg
1 1/2 tsp salt
fresh ground black pepper

4 cups cooked fettucini
freshly minced parsley 

Combine drained cashews, pinenuts, water, lemon juice, garlic and spices in blender and combine until smooth. Serve over pasta and garnish with fresh parsley.

HSPTSA Community Conversation

The High School PTSA has is offering a community conversation and book read. The book is:

The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults

by Renowned neurologist Dr. Frances E. Jensen

Four sessions are planned with an expert facilitator for each session. The first session, held on February 21, was facilitated by Dr. Jane Thompson. Upcoming sessions:

March 7, Chapters 5-9 -  Terry Mahoney – School Crisis Counselor
March 28, Chapters 10-13 – Jenny Krumenacker – School Therapist
April 4, Chapters 14-17 – Angela Darrenkamp – AP Psych Teacher

There was an impressive turnout for the first session, with more than 30 people attending armed with all sorts of parental survival questions. Feel free to come and bring a friend. There are books for loan if interested.