Friday, February 2, 2018

Common Classroom, Common Goal

A 7th grade home bound student, Makenna Massi, who happens to be a HUGE Eagle’s fan, attended classes today on Eagle’s Spirit Day through virtual technology. Owen J. Roberts Middle School students embrace “Perfect Attendant” just as though it were any other classmate. The robot is involved in whispers, laughs, and all the subtle interactions one might expect from any group of teens. Peers address the robot as Makenna. 

Makenna was able to perform a lab with her science peers. In unification,  almost the entire class was decked out for the Birds and Makenna was sporting a fine Eagles hat, but there was not a lot of cheering going on about the science test. Classmates were excited, however, that Makenna could join them toward a common goal...the desire for a Philadelphia Super Bowl win!

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