Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reality Check

Sponsored by Tri-County Area Federal Credit Union, Citadel Credit Union and Diamond Federal Credit Union

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, Tri County Area Federal Credit Union, Diamond Credit Union, Citadel and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation brought a Financial Reality Fair to Owen J Roberts High School!   This was the first Financial Reality Fair at the High School. The fair provided about 400 students with experiential learning and a hands-on budgeting experience to gain practical knowledge about personal financial management in a one-day, “real world” environment. 

This real world exercise instructs students to choose a career level and salary, and then budget their monthly expenses to make ends meet.   Students must find a place to live, obtain transportation, and pay for food and other essentials.  Students visited with Fair volunteers to “purchase” goods and services needed in everyday life.  As in the real world, entertainment opportunities and other non-essential services were also made available.  All students were required to spin the “Wheel of Reality” to receive one of life’s surprises, such as an unexpected cash gift or the expense of a flat tire.  Students document their income and expenses during the exercise and must balance their budget for the month before reviewing their final budget with a Financial Counselor.  Upon completion of the exercise, students were each given a “Keeping It Real” T-shirt, donated by Wrigley’s Office Supply.

John Faust, President/CEO of Diamond Credit Union, Thomas Bailey, Director of Retail Delivery at Citadel, and Andrew C. Pistoria, President/CEO of Tri County Area FCU agreed that the Financial Reality Fair is an excellent opportunity for the credit unions to join together and teach students the value of responsible spending.     

The Fair was coordinated by teams from all three credit unions and made possible with guidance and materials from the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation.   Volunteers included employees from Citadel, Tri County Area FCU, Diamond Credit Union and Wrigley’s Office Supply, as well as, Owen J Roberts High School faculty members. 

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