Thursday, May 31, 2018

Senior Walk 2018 OJR

Odyssey Shines

Last week four teams of Owen J. Roberts students competed in the world championships of creative problem solving at Iowa State University at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.  

The team from East Vincent finished the contest in fourth place overall and placed second in the spontaneous problem solving portion of the contest scoring a 99.77 points out of a possible 100.

Congratulations to: Mackenzie Keith, Kayla Shea, Zach Levin, Khya d’Angelo, Rachael Epps, Megha Gudipudi, and Lucius Neeley.

The French Creek and Middle School teams both finished in eighth place giving our district three top ten finishes at the competition.

Hats off to French Creek team members: Georgia Horosky, Liam King, Nathan Lineman, Brooke Radel, Patrick Smith, Clara Witmer, Hailie Wilson and coaches Pam Yarbrough and Jess Lineman.

Compliments as well to middle school students: Aza Zepp, Anant Pothakamury, Christian Carrol, Nick Wood, Charlie Kullen, Aman Pothakamury, and Addy D’Arcy.

Our high school team, Jonathan Arditi, Liam Conway, Danny Duffy, Alex Glasier, Kasey Fitch, George Kullen, and Annie Arditi, placed in the 17th position out of 45 competing teams.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Big Moments for Seniors

This morning really kicked off a whirlwind of events for the Class of 2018. AP exams are in the books and many students are finishing final course examinations. The students had a wonderful Senior Breakfast first thing this morning thanks to all the efforts of the PTSA and volunteers. The high school and seniors thank everyone who made donations and helped with the event. 

After breakfast this morning, the seniors went to the auditorium and received yearbooks. The yearbook celebrates a year full of friends, events and shared experiences. It's a place where friends can jot down shared memories, too. Students had a great time looking through and getting signatures. 

A big shout out to Ms. Megan Bonner and Mr. Dave Schwenk and the yearbook staff for an amazing yearbook – WOW! Each year the graduating class selects a teacher for which to dedicate the yearbook. This year's LEDGER was dedicated to Mr. Bill Richardson – an outstanding educator! Congratulations to Mr. Richardson. 

We hope seniors enjoy these moments! It's an exciting time!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Marching Band to Perform Anthem before Cleveland Indians Game

The High School marching band will be performing in Ohio this weekend! Following an application process, the band was selected to play at Cedar Point Amusement Park on Saturday, May 26 and was also chosen to play the National Anthem at Progressive Field prior to the Cleveland Indians vs. Houston Astros game on Sunday, May 27. (Watch Facebook for clips of that performance.)

If you happened to be anywhere in the vicinity of the high school campus lately, you may have heard the 154-member band practicing with heart and soul! 

For more listening pleasure, the Jazz Band will be the “Feature Entertainment Act” at Knoebels Amusement Park for the 4th year in a row on Saturday, June 2nd.  The OJR Jazz Band is the only high school group from Pennsylvania to ever to be selected for this honor and will be performing three shows that day at 1:30pm, 6:00pm and 8:30pm.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Youth Philanthropy

Students load a cart of pet supplies to donate to Animal House Project, an organization who assists pet owners experiencing financial crisis so they are able to keep their pet. The organization serves veterans and others in financial need.
A group of twelve Middle School students who called themselves Wildcats4Change spent the academic year researching community organizations and setting goals for how the students might impact the community by supporting those organizations.

The Youth & Philanthropy program, which is sponsored by the Phoenixville Health Foundation, was designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about philanthropy, giving of one’s self to address the neediness of others, and to learn about it first hand.

The program has been recognized  as a regional award winner:

    2005 the Youth & Philanthropy Program received the Chester County Community Foundation’s ACORN AWARD for youth in philanthropy.
    In 2009 the Program received the Association of Fundraising Professionals Philadelphia Chapter’s Youth in Philanthropy Award.

Youth and Philanthropy students learn about philanthropy, leadership, assessment and decision-making skills, as well as working as a team.

The Students recognized and supported 5 local community organizations:

ARC of Chester County
Spring-Ford Counseling Services
Canine Partners for Life
Animal House Project
Montgomery County Community Services

Throughout the year, students visited these organizations, conducted meetings and explored ways to help. When learning about how the Montgomery County Emergency Services provide interventions for crisis such as suicide, students took an active role in advertising the hotline and displaying signs to raise awareness for the prevention hotline. They also learned that the Animal House Project serves 1689 families each month assisting pet owners with supplies through a pet food pantry. Students used funds provided by the Phoenixville Health Foundation to purchase food and pet supplies for the pantry.

Club members were Juan Boria, Natalie Nichols, Taryn Defusco, Nike Skains, Max Garner, Jordan Thomas, Seth Griste, Cole Torak, ANdrew LaGreca, Ayden VanSinderen, Trevor Maranhao and Izzie Geist.

Students Immerse in Folk

Originally recorded by Bill Stepp in 1937 by the Library of Congress, "Bonaparte's Retreat" is played by Abby DiMarino of North Coventry Elementary School. She will be playing it with noted banjoist/folklorist Stephen Wade and the North Coventry Elementary Orchestra on May 30, 2018 at North Coventry Elementary School.

Could folk music lead today’s children into the past in ways that may allow them to feel part of the very roots of our country? In a living demonstration of this speculation and the central idea of his book, “The Beautiful Music All Around Us”, Grammy-nominated musician, recording artist, storyteller, and author Stephen Wade will visit North Coventry Elementary School on May 30, 2018.Students have been practicing for months to make music with Mr. Wade. The experience will be a combination of storytelling, banjo, clogging, singing and video.