Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Big Moments for Seniors

This morning really kicked off a whirlwind of events for the Class of 2018. AP exams are in the books and many students are finishing final course examinations. The students had a wonderful Senior Breakfast first thing this morning thanks to all the efforts of the PTSA and volunteers. The high school and seniors thank everyone who made donations and helped with the event. 

After breakfast this morning, the seniors went to the auditorium and received yearbooks. The yearbook celebrates a year full of friends, events and shared experiences. It's a place where friends can jot down shared memories, too. Students had a great time looking through and getting signatures. 

A big shout out to Ms. Megan Bonner and Mr. Dave Schwenk and the yearbook staff for an amazing yearbook – WOW! Each year the graduating class selects a teacher for which to dedicate the yearbook. This year's LEDGER was dedicated to Mr. Bill Richardson – an outstanding educator! Congratulations to Mr. Richardson. 

We hope seniors enjoy these moments! It's an exciting time!

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