Thursday, May 31, 2018

Odyssey Shines

Last week four teams of Owen J. Roberts students competed in the world championships of creative problem solving at Iowa State University at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.  

The team from East Vincent finished the contest in fourth place overall and placed second in the spontaneous problem solving portion of the contest scoring a 99.77 points out of a possible 100.

Congratulations to: Mackenzie Keith, Kayla Shea, Zach Levin, Khya d’Angelo, Rachael Epps, Megha Gudipudi, and Lucius Neeley.

The French Creek and Middle School teams both finished in eighth place giving our district three top ten finishes at the competition.

Hats off to French Creek team members: Georgia Horosky, Liam King, Nathan Lineman, Brooke Radel, Patrick Smith, Clara Witmer, Hailie Wilson and coaches Pam Yarbrough and Jess Lineman.

Compliments as well to middle school students: Aza Zepp, Anant Pothakamury, Christian Carrol, Nick Wood, Charlie Kullen, Aman Pothakamury, and Addy D’Arcy.

Our high school team, Jonathan Arditi, Liam Conway, Danny Duffy, Alex Glasier, Kasey Fitch, George Kullen, and Annie Arditi, placed in the 17th position out of 45 competing teams.  

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