Friday, June 1, 2018

Latin Awards

Last weekend 15 OJR students met with 500 other Latin and Greek students from across the state to compete in academic, artistic, and athletic contests at Penn State University’s main campus.
Our students did incredibly well, garnering a 3rd place overall for the medium school division. 
Individual recognitions are below:

Academic Testing
Madison Dalton – 2nd place, Mythology Exam – Advanced Level
Derek Wittlinger – 3rd place, Mythology Exam – Advanced Level
Rachel Barrett – 3rd place, Mythology Exam – Advanced Level
Isabella Bobo – 3rd place, Reading Comprehension Exam – Advance Level
Madison Dalton – 3rd place, Girls’ Oratory – Advanced Level
Isabella Bobo – 5th place, Girls’ Oratory – Advanced Level

Artistic Competition
Madison Dalton – 1st place, Pottery
Sam DeFusco – 1st place, Charts
Mary Flaherty – Keystone Newsletter Editor’s Choice Award, Favorite Art Contribution
Lindsey Jennings – 3rd place, Greeting Cards
Helena VanNatter – 3rd place, Chapter Scrapbook
Nico Mancuso – 4th place, Computer Enhanced Photography
Ethan Eckerdt – 4th place, 3D Maps
Logan Reese – 4th place, Major Models
Lindsey Jennings – 5th place, Sculpture
Brennon Grabowicz – 5th place, Minor Models

Andrew Dede – 2nd place, Boys’ Pool Noodle Javelin
Rachel Barrett – 2nd place, Girls’ Pool Noodle Javelin
3rd place Chapter Award for Spirit in Division 2 Schools
Nathan VanNatter – 4th place, Boys’ 200 meter
Isabella Bobo – 4th place – Girls’ Friscus Throw

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