Monday, June 4, 2018

OJR's Lucas Gray Wins $30K Shandy Hill Scholarship

Congratulations to Lucas Gray for winning a $30,000 scholarship from the Greater Pottstown Foundation. Each year senior students from Pottstown, Pottsgrove, Owen J. Roberts High Schools, and The Hill School compete in the writing of an original essay focusing on an aspect of life in the Greater Pottstown Area. This is the third year in a row the essay prize has been awarded to an Owen J. Roberts senior. 

The Foundation prompts students to write about a personal perception of any aspect of life in the greater Pottstown area. Lucas Gray immediately thought of all the area resources that impacted and shaped his life—and there were many. “What stood out to me above all others were my experiences at “The Very Best” wiener shop on High Street,” said Lucas. He explained that the restaurant was common ground for his family for at least two generations. Lucas feels he will always remember those hot dogs loaded with “the works” and The Very Best signature sauce for which the landmark restaurant was known.  “It was the place we stopped after ball games, doctors’ appointments, and school functions,” explained Lucas, who plans to attend Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and build a path toward his career goal of being a restaurateur. Perhaps some of what made The Very Best a hospitable, comfortable place to eat and be with loved ones will live on in what Lucas creates in the years to come. 

Lucas Gray was Owen J. Roberts High School’s Student Body President, a role which included service with the Board of School Directors. He attended regular business meetings and informed the Board of events and activities in the district’s schools. He was active in student government all four years and pursued many other high school endeavors including National Honor Society. He was the trumpet section leader in the Marching, Jazz and Concerts Bands and was also in concert Choir, 7-ups Show Choir, and the Naturals A Capella Group.

Mr. Shandy Hill was the founder of the Greater Pottstown Foundation and the original editor of The Pottstown Mercury from 1931 until he retired in 1967. Mr. Hill was a fervent believer in supporting education opportunities for students within the Pottstown Community. The Foundation and the Shandy Hill Scholarship honor his legacy and that of the Pottstown region. Even though downtown Pottstown is changing, it is exciting to think about how elements of the town will live on and shape the future.

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