Friday, December 21, 2018

2018 Outstanding Alumni and Community Service Awards

Mr. Kirk Brown, Superintendent Dr. Susan Lloyd, Mr. Jay Erb and Mrs. Kim Malmstrom

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, the Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation presented two annual awards honoring three individuals this year. The Education Foundation has been giving the Outstanding Community Service and Distinguished Alumni Awards since 1997.
The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to an Owen J. Roberts alumnus who enhances the quality of life by preserving, promoting and carrying out positive and quantifiable traditional values and traits.  This individual’s leadership and integrity should result in significant accomplishments in his business and professional life in the community. Mr. Kirk Brown was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award this year. Mr. Brown started a landscaping and lawn care business when he was 12 years-of-age. He studied horticulture and computer at Owen J. Roberts High School. Kirk’s Lawn Care now employs three full time employees and services more than 125 customers. His business has been featured in national magazines and he was Total Landscape Care Magazine’s 2015 Landscaper of the Year.

Mr. Brown is an active community servant and role model for community giving. He assists with Green Allies and has been critically active in creating the Althouse Arboretum and the Children’s Forest Trail. He has stayed involved with Owen J Roberts School District by starting an Excellence in Horticulture scholarship award designated for a horticulture student who has displayed exemplary attitude and extraordinary skill development.

The Community Service Award is given annually to honor an Owen J. Roberts resident who enhances the quality of life by preserving, promoting and carrying out positive and quantifiable traditional community values and traits.  The Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation honored two residents for their work to make our community and world a better place: Mr. Jay Erb and Mrs. Kim Malmstrom.

Mr. Jay Erb is an Owen J. Roberts alumnus and lifelong Owen J. Roberts resident. He is a Chester County Park Ranger and owner of a Tae Kwon-Doe school located in North Coventry Township. He is an active community servant and an advocate for nature and clean environment. He volunteers for countless education programs, both at our schools and in the community organizing and leads stream studies, wildlife programs, bird watching programs and night hikes for learners of all ages.  He is involved in adventure challenge and High Ropes work teaching self-esteem, confidence and teamwork. He is an advocate for healthy lifestyles and combines nature walking with physical fitness tips as well.

Mrs. Kim Malmstrom established the Kyle’s Quillows Foundation seven years ago following her son’s diagnosis and treatment for aplastic anemia. She has grown this foundation to share the warmth of personalized fleece quilt-pillows for those in need. Kyle's Quillows makes home-sewn quillows (the cross between a pillow and blanket) to brighten and cheer children. The soft, warm fabric works as a reminder that many people are cheering for their recovery and it Kim hopes it inspires patients to know the quillow is given by a survivor. She inspires her own children, their friends and other community members to donate time, skills, money and efforts toward a cause to bring comfort to others. Kyle’s Quillows has donated more than 7,000 quillows to CHOP and has also sent them to patients in other hospitals in the U.S. and abroad.

Lunch Accounts Paid by Donor

Thank you!!  $1,123 in negative lunch balances in the Owen J. Roberts School District was just paid off by Santa. Thanks Santa for helping our students!

12 Days of Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Our Community in Gingerbread

Second grade students at French Creek Elementary School re-created what could be the sweetest place on earth, the Pottstown Community in Gingerbread.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

First Place in Horse Judging Contest

Congratulations to Maddie LeBlanc, a senior Veterinary Science student at TCHS Brandywine, for placing 1st in the Horse Judging contest at the 2018 Fall Eastern Regional FFA Career Development Event competition. Students participating in the competition are tested on subjects such as horse breeds, tack items, nutrition, management, anatomy, marketing/current trends, health and animal welfare (care and well-being), and reproduction. Additionally, students have to judge and place a group of horses from first to last place using their knowledge and skills. There were 126 students representing high schools from around the eastern region of Pennsylvania at this competition. We are so proud of Maddie for her hard work and determination!! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Academic Challenge

On December 17, Owen J. Roberts High School hosted an academic challenge.
According to the Chester County Intermediate Unit, "Now in its 34th year, the Chester County Academic Competition provides an opportunity for students from 24 high schools to compete in a "college-bowl" format where students answer challenging questions from a variety of categories including literature, math, science, American and world history, geography, and contemporary events."

Healthy Skills for a Healthy Life

Some students free-doodled, while others chose a color page

Journaling was favored by some students
At West Vincent Elementary School, the school nurse, Mrs. Kilfoy and the school guidance counselor, Mrs. Weber, have been working together to give students of every age in the school a set of tools they can use to manage emotions.

The pair has visited every classroom twice. In the first visit, students learned about feelings and emotions. They learned that some emotions are very strong and can cause our bodies to react in certain ways. Some students may feel anxiety in their tummy, or get a headache from other strong emotions. Students learn that it is OK to feel emotions. They also learn that when emotions are making them feel uncomfortable or feel physical symptoms, there are strategies they may choose to feel better.

Today, a fifth grade class practiced a few skills that have the potential to help manage stressors. The students rotated among 5 centers:
Senses Grounding

The skills may overlap, but students, through practice, were able to choose which activities helped them to feel peace and calming.

DECA District Competition Results

Owen J. Roberts students participate in the DECA District Competition in King of Prussia yesterday.  There were 330 students in competition from public and private schools from Montgomery County and Northern Chester County.  Owen J. Roberts had a very strong showing with the following results:

1st Place
Linus Blatz, Automotive Services Marketing (plus high test and high role-play award)
Annie Arditi, Business Financial Services (plus high role-play award)
Theo Damiani, Business Services Marketing (plus high role-play award)
Sriya Jonnadula, Entrepreneurship (plus high test and high role-play award)
Lindsey Jennings, Hotel Lodging Management (plus high test and high role-play award)
Victoria Blancarte, Marketing Communications (plus high role-play award)
Mary Kate Duffy, Restaurant and Food Service Management (plus high role-play award)
Jackson Keating, Retail Merchandising (plus high role-play award)
Shavani Preveen and Ava Destefano, Entrepreneurship Team (plus high role-play award)
John Buckwalter and Peter Lynch, Sports and Entertainment Team (plus high role-play award)

2nd Place
Jared Folsom, Automotive Services Marketing
Sean Zubey, Business Financial Services
Blake Brennan, Food Marketing (plus high role-play award)
Eric Friedemann, Human Resource Management
Abbey Hannis, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

3rd Place
John Patrick Duffy, Business Financial Services
Chris Williams, Food Marketing
Alekya Srinivasan, Hotel Lodging Management
Jeevan Bandi, Marketing Communications
Ben Diamond, Restaurant and Food Service Management
Michael Giacoponello, Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Kendall Obara and Lauren McLaughlin, Business Law and Ethics Team
Jake Koster and Eric Scull, Financial Services Management Team
Emily Sabatino and Emma Muntzer, Marketing Management Team (plus high role-play award)
James Capece and Michael Kronengold, Travel and Tourism Team

4th Place
Nikita Chin, Apparel and Accessories Marketing (plus high role-play award)
Kira St. Clair, Entrepreneurship
Jack Murray, Retail Merchandising
Aidan Mancini and Dylan Murray, Hospitality Services Management Team
Raina Smolij and Kahlea Sachar, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team

5th Place
Akash Prabu, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

6th place
Thomas Damiani, Accounting Applications
Maddie Hill, Human Resource Management

Monday, December 17, 2018

Senator for a Day

Owen J. Roberts student government members who were able to attend Senator for a Day

The Senator for a Day program is an opportunity for high school student government students to take on the simulated role of being senator for the day. The day, which was held recently at Montgomery County Community College, was sponsored by Senator John Rafferty, Jr.  It allows students to learn about the legislative process and how to work to pass legislation.
In the morning, students go to assigned committees and review issues. In committee, a speaker and committee chair are selected. The committee debates issues and brings senate bills forward to general session for floor debate and mock Senate vote later that day.  The experience helps students understand what is involved in lawmaking.